Cobleland Activities

Well, it's tipping down right now but the sun did come out for a lot of the weekend, just to prove it here's another nice picture of the bluebells near the Douglas Fir trees.

The weekend started off with the Chocolate Quest, Jasmine and Darah (aka Chaos & Mayhem) are getting a dab hand at this.  This week's quest involved answering questions about bats.  If you get a question wrong after hunting for the chocolate ticket in Teapot Wood you have to do a forfeit - they are not all bad though!

Teapot Lodge is nearly finished, just the roof to thatch and a door.

Jasmine's forfeit was to hug a tree, not really a forfeit as it's always a good thing to do :-). This Willow tree will be more than happy to get a hug!


Bushcraft & Survival

Here's Will explaining the edibility test for plants to the group - just for survival situations and never for mushrooms! Also, as a young lad, I think James, stood on a young Rowan tree Will had to explain about the dangers of uprooting or cutting down this superstitious, magical tree.

We managed to avoid the rain on the Dusk Walk and saw lots of bats amongst the trees.  We had to go out quite late though, it wasn't even dark at 10:30 when we finished, so well done kids for staying awake!

Magick Wands

Lovely wands made in the tent this week, we need to work on a spell to keep the midges out of the tent though!
Wands from left: Abby's Hawthorn, Andi's Rowan, Isla's Hawthorn, Angus's Hazel and Leah's Hazel.

Tigh Mor Guided Walk

Our walking guide friend Arthur Jones from Trossachs Treks asked us to cover his walk today in Brig O'Turk whilst he was away on short notice meeting his first grandson, Matthew, aah :-).  What a gorgeous setting for a guided walk so thanks for asking us Arthur!!

Glen Finglas

We were joined by Mike the bat again, his lovely wife and yet another lovely couple who all enjoyed the sunshiny walk amongst the oak and ash, mushrooms and lochs.

The Bicycle Tree - spot the bike!

Magic Wands & Wooden Pendants

Great wands everyone!  Elder is extremely popular, maybe something to do with Voldermort! Willow, hazel and oak wands chose their new owners too and were lovingly sanded and decorated with magic symbols and trinkets.  Happy spell making and remember only good spells or they will backfire threefold!
Interestingly Lewis was determined to do something mischievous but then Will accidently snapped it while helping to fix on some ribbon!  Sorry Lewis, luckily Will fixed it so it now has character both and a lesson behind it. Remember Lewis, Ron Weasley's wand broke but still worked after it was fixed :-)

We had another craft session now that the holidays have started, this time pendants made from silver birch discs and elder beads, before decorating further. I helped some out with their designs using my pyrography set to burn into the wood too.

Megan, we found a headless angel, she must have fell off :-z If you come back we can see if we can fix her :-)

If Ash comes before Oak.....

Oh dear, ash appears to have bud burst before oak this year....

If Ash comes before Oak, we're in for a soak
If Oak comes before Ash, we're in for a splash

Pan's Elder Pipes

Here are Heidi and Allison's most excellent pipes!  Following a walk, we talked about how pipes/flutes were made from alder to 'whistle up the wind'.  Elder can be used in a similar way, not sure about the magic behind those if you play them though!!?? Mmm, Dumbledore's wand was made from elder and there's tons of faerie folklore attached to this tree so could be very magical then, if only they could manage to play a note through them :-) To be investigated further.....