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Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Activities are getting quieter now, but still lovely to see returning families to the site.  One particular family did the Bushcraft with us and already knew lots of wild foods and bushcraft tips, hurrah!

So, can you use 'old man's beard' as a cure for baldness? Stick to using it for fire lighting I think!!

Lots of people still making the wands and wanting to learn some magick.

There were eleven wand makers, here's just three of them, from left: George, Rory and Eva, everyone chose Hazel this week.

The bat walk was fun as ever, here is Colin about to charge the moths!  It's starting to get chilly at night now but the bats were in the warmth and shelter of the forest nicely scoffing away on insects.


Wacky Forth Races

Awful weather forecast but it wan't at all that bad and the river was fast but not too high the race the rafts.  It was a quiet one though with three of the seasonals racing their rafts and Leon was back to race again too.


From left: Leon - The shark (cruising down and banking to the left - looking for fish I think!)

Leah - Billabong (2nd)

Darah - The Lego Machine Death (caught in the alder tree near the finish line)

Jasmine - The Black Boat (1st)

Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A bit quieter here on the campsite as some of the kids are starting to go back to school.  The girls obviously wanted to have their own session as randomly we had three boys then three girls straight after having arrived late after a trip to Blair Drummond.


From left: Cayden, Robbie, Edward, all chosing ash wands

From left: Emily and Ailee's ash and Abbie's hazel wands, together with their magick scrolls reminding them how to make their own spells.

Bat Walk

Lovely big crowd and Stuart the bat was spectacular at demonstrating echo location, although the moths were too busy giggling and forgot that they had actually been eaten by Stuart during the bat and moth game!


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Another busy weekday here at Cobleland with lots on the Chocolate Quest, Bushcraft & Survival, the Dusk Walk and another mega wand making session!


All chose hazel, except Timmy who chose willow - loads of Aiden's :-)

From left: Sandra, Melissa, Jordan, Aiden, Scarlett, Lucy, Connie, Natalie, Aiden, Oli, Timmy, Aiden, Dawn and Fiona.

Wacky Forth Races


From Left:

Chloe - Chloe's Plane

Abigail - Dusty (2nd)

Emily - LM (1st)

Tyler - The Mean Machine

Malcolm - HMS Maltopia

Roman - Lightening (3rd)

Kaylah & Mason - Mason

Jordan & Haiden - The Rust Bucket

The Wacky Forth Races

Only four entries today as the rain decided to hoof it down just as everyone was trying to pack up the tents! Despite the amount of rain the river was still quite low so we had to restart the race half way down after they decided to edge over to the bank for a rest.

From left:

Ronin - The Fruit Shooter (1st)

Mckenzie - The Wonderful Willow (3rd)

Nathan - The Green Giant (2nd)

Morvin - Fairy (4th - again)

Activities at Cobleland Campsite

This week's Chocolate Hunt was all about the Moon being that there is another Supermoon tomorrow, then we were off for a Bushcraft & Survival session with four pesky lads fascinated with fire. Luckily their Mum's were keeping them in check, although I'm sure they won't be thanking us as the kids will now be nagging them for a fire steel.

Magick Wands

Fourteen lovely wands today made from Willow and Hazel.  Morvin was back again, so here's her new willow wand, this time with a water faerie burnt into the wand to help her with her spells.




Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A busy day again starting with a Chocolate Quest about insects, then four pesky, giggly lads on Bushcraft and Survival with a real fascination for fire.

Magick Wands

Ten magick makers in the tent, here's Morvin Willow wand, complete with a sylph or faerie of the air.


Wacky Forth Races

Five wacky rafts for the race and this week they all crossed the line :-)!


From left: 

Alfie & Masie - The Black Pearl Nae Encatchable (5th)

Dougie - The DJ (3rd)

Meaghan & Imogen - The Cobleland Raft (2nd)

Morvin - Fairy (4th)

Seth - Trouble! (1st)

Dusk Watch

It was a particularly spooky dusk watch as it seemed to get dark really fast! This was good though as it meant that we could play the night vision game to see if anyone could guess the colour of the crayon before we blew the night vision in one of our eyes to see the difference in how our eyes work in the dark. Morvin just about stayed awake, but she really enjoyed it :-).


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

The rain was still on and had made the river forth too wacky to race on, so we did another Chocolate Quest, this time about Trees.  We just about had enough chocolate bars, phew.  Ever since Aiden said about the number 13 (as he was born on Friday 13th) I keep seeing that number - 13 on this session and 13 on the wand session this afternoon.  It's been lucky so far though :-).


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

What is it with Saturdays and rain lately??

We had lots for the Chocolate Quest answering questions on insects, everything else was rained off except for some magick wand making in the cosy fairy -lit ranger tent.

Eilidh's Willow wand.

Aiden's Willow wand - the other six escaped in an attempt to dodge the raindrops.  It had even started to rain in the tent!

Another of Will's mini wands, complete with stand.

Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A busy day here, the sun was shining as lots of Commonwealth Games visitors about!

Chocolate Quest

Eleven chocolate hungry kids wanting to learn about nature along the way, all successfully winning the chocolate without too many forfeits! 


Ten budding survivalists this week and for those lucky ones who want to pursue this interest (and if you ask nicely), Will might just make you a bow and arrow.  Harry, Angela, Eilidh and Aiden seem to be really chuffed with theirs!

Cobleland-Wealth Games

It appears most were watching the real thing, but four upcoming athletes were at a loose end so decided to compete. After the following heats: Running, Egg and Spoon, Balance a Bean Bag on Your Head, Welly Throwing, Sack Race, Three Legged, Relay and Tug of War (all with parents), Billy took the Gold medal with 25 points, Robbie the Silver medal with 21 points and joint Bronze with 18 points was Zoe and Elliot. Well done, whoop whoop :-)!

Just for fun, the kids wanted to take on Will for a Tug of War... and then we all joined in until we all got rope burns - ouch!

Magick Wands

From left: Rosie, Robbie, Aiden, Eilidh, Fraser and Olivia, Will all choosing Willow.

Wacky Forth Races

What a line up, here goes, from left:

Rosie - Bird

Robbie - Ocean

Eilidh - The Heart Cracker

Morgane - The Black Pearl

Alison - Dragon

Angela - Flower Power

Billy - Bilbo

Zoe - The Fairy Boat

Elliot - Valhalla

Grace - The Bottle Banger

Boyd - Iron Man II

George - Creeper (1st)

Anne-Fleur & Gilia - Wind Boat

James - The Epic (2nd)

With just two crossing the line again as the wind was going against a slow trickle of water so those with big sails had a disadvantage - but looked nice :-)

Bat Walk

Great number of bat lovers tonight and lots of bats to say hi, we even saw a hedgehog, the first time ever on a night walk in 6 years!