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Magick Wand Workshop at Chi Coffee

Had a lovely evening with amazing people on my first wand workshop at Chi Coffee in North End, Portsmouth. An extra magickal evening too being Friday 13th! Friday was named after Freyja, the Norse Goddess of passion and fertility and 13 is linked to moon magick and the Divine feminine.  The Egyptians apparently believed that humans had twelve phases of life, the thirteenth being that of bliss and ascension.  Valentines Day tomorrow too so the love heart shaped stone I had recently found at the beach was perfect for the alter.  I learnt yesterday that the Romans had urns in which the ladies put their names inside so that the men could choose one randomly to be their sexual partners for the following year! This custom was traditionally carried out between 13th - 15th February. 

The alter was dedicated to the lovely snowdrop faeries - those dingle dongles, or February fairmaids are such a welcome sight after a dark, chilly winter :-).

Wands tonight were made from yew, hazel and holly - here are eight of the ten wands made, all ready for beautiful magick making! Thank you Jane at Chi Coffee for the venue, scrummy cake and drinks :-)

Next workshop here is 17th April, to book yourself in ring Jane at Chi on 02393 782412.



Last Activity Weekend at Cobleland Campsite

We've had a lovely but emotional last weekend here at Cobleland, this will always be a happppeeee place for us and thank you to all those who we have met and who have joined in with our activities over the years who have helped to make it so special.  Scotland has proved an enriching experience in so many ways and it now feels like our second home, so thank you to all the lovely people of Scotland for making us feel so welcome, this land here is indeed very special and magical! Who knows where our journey will take us next but I'm sure we will come back soon and often.

Teapot Cottage

Will has just about finished creating Teapot Cottage using reclaimed wood or off-cuts from the forest.  A couple of pesky vandalism incidents in the summer meant the finish time was delayed, but hopefully now that it is a finished sturdy structure kids will just love coming across this in Teapot Wood and look after it for both themselves and the faeries to enjoy.

We had a few tackle the Chocolate Quest in Teapot Wood on Saturday and the day finished off lovely with a great bat walk long with 25 campers (and 2 rather fluffy dogs) eager to learn about and to see the bats.

Here Dave the bat is about to try to devour all the little moths, he got one!

The Wacky Forth Races

Our last race attracted a few, plus campsite managers, Lesley and Graham decided to try their luck too!

Rafts Pictured from left with Jasmine, Sam, Rosie and Darah:

Scarlett - The Rescue Boat (3rd)

Connie - Teen Zombie From Mars (Connie was stuck for a name for her raft, the name eventually came from the top she was wearing)

Darah - Mushrooms Beautiful (2nd)

Jasmine - The Dead Boat (1st - and overall reigning champion for most wins during the season)!

Rosie - Speedy (4th)

Sam - The Ship of Doom

Duncan - The African Queen

Graham - The Barfly

Lesley - We'll Miss You!

Well done to all who have taken part in this 'adrenaline rush' sport that is  'The Wacky Forth Races'. The anxiety of which has come more from watching the rafts meander through the obstacles of trees and adverse wind conditions rather than the speed of the river lately though.  I'm sure the rain will return soon but in the meantime thanks for such lovely weather this season and for not having to cancel many activities!

Surprise Tea Party

That sneaky Lesley is getting a dab hand at surprise parties lately! What a lovely surprise after our last event today to get together with everyone and stuff ourselves with cake, cake, a biscuit and more cake :-).  Thanks for all your lovely gifts and well wishes and thank you Lesley and Graham for always being so lovely and for helping and supporting us along the way.... and for this amazing cake to take away for our trip to Knoydart - that should keep us going!

The twins, Chaos and Mayhem, made this lovely picture for us today. Very accurate eh, I love how kids are so observant :-)

Keep in touch everyone! We'll keep you all posted if we are back in the area, or planning any events wherever we are as it will be lovely to meet up.  I'll be adding interesting nature stuff and more to the main website this winter too.

Morning Ramble at Forest Hills

Two lovely couples from yesterdays walk decided to join us for a longer ramble around the Loch Ard forest.  We decided to take in the two faerie hills of the area and there were fittingly lots of fungi to look at and talk about.  We took a well earned rest at Doon Hill and enjoyed some spruce tea and biscuits before leaving our gifts and wishes on leaves for the faeries.

Doon Hill is a sacred spot for the faeries where wishes are left to naturally degrade. It's said to be unlucky to take anything from a faerie hill and they do like a nice natural gift, or maybe some honey, cheese or milk, or even to help them by collecting litter along the way.

The Minister's Pine can be seen popping out of the top of Doon Hill from a distance. This is said to mark the faerie portal which the local Minister, Rev. Robert Kirk was invited to enter in order to discover and correct unfair representations of the fae.  There are many variations of the story, but most center around his mysterious disappearance in 1692, some say to the faerie realms for protection, some say this was due to publishing their secrets, although I hear that his spirit has since been released from becoming entrapped.


So many LBJ's ('little brown job' mushrooms), so we were unable to identify all of them, although the big one has been created by a clever local wood carver and makes this a lovely picture to photograph.


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

This week's Chocolate Hunt was all about the Moon being that there is another Supermoon tomorrow, then we were off for a Bushcraft & Survival session with four pesky lads fascinated with fire. Luckily their Mum's were keeping them in check, although I'm sure they won't be thanking us as the kids will now be nagging them for a fire steel.

Magick Wands

Fourteen lovely wands today made from Willow and Hazel.  Morvin was back again, so here's her new willow wand, this time with a water faerie burnt into the wand to help her with her spells.




Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A busy day again starting with a Chocolate Quest about insects, then four pesky, giggly lads on Bushcraft and Survival with a real fascination for fire.

Magick Wands

Ten magick makers in the tent, here's Morvin Willow wand, complete with a sylph or faerie of the air.


Wacky Forth Races

Five wacky rafts for the race and this week they all crossed the line :-)!


From left: 

Alfie & Masie - The Black Pearl Nae Encatchable (5th)

Dougie - The DJ (3rd)

Meaghan & Imogen - The Cobleland Raft (2nd)

Morvin - Fairy (4th)

Seth - Trouble! (1st)

Dusk Watch

It was a particularly spooky dusk watch as it seemed to get dark really fast! This was good though as it meant that we could play the night vision game to see if anyone could guess the colour of the crayon before we blew the night vision in one of our eyes to see the difference in how our eyes work in the dark. Morvin just about stayed awake, but she really enjoyed it :-).


Cobleland Activities

Loads happening this weekend as some of the kids broke up from School for their summer holidays.  Everyone learnt lots about deer on the Chocolate Quest and young Cameron was the only one to find all hidden chocolate tickets.  There were a few forfeits to be completed though for those that got the questions wrong, but Adam came up with this beauty of a poem as one of his forfeits;

"The Ranger's are nice
They give you advice
The chocolate is nice, inside"

I really enjoyed painting Eilis's face as she created her own design which had a faerytale toadstool for a nose, a lilac faery queen on one cheek and a green flower faery on the other, all topped off with a golden and ruby crown.

Eilis and her family joined us for the Bushcraft & Survival session, it was great to see them again having first met on the site last year.  Owen was already a fan of wood sorrel and finished the session with his pockets full of natural tinder! Maeve and Owen successfully started a fire with a fire steel, but little Eilis was still recovering from a broken arm so struggled a bit with that one as her arm was still in plaster.

We saw this lovely but poisonous toadstool on the way, panther cap, the same family as the faerytale toadstool fly agaric.

The Douglas Fir area and tickling river was magical in the sunlight today!

The juicy bilberries are nearly ripe - mmmm delicious! Loads of antioxidants so really good for you and there are loads of natural remedies you can use these berries for too including; sickness and diarrhoea, respiratory complaints and even haemorrhoids!

The evening finished off with a late Dusk Walk being that the days are still so long, the bats didn't start coming out until 10:30pm.  That's a lot of scoffing and gobbling up of midges to do if they have to eat a third of their body weight every night!

Cobleland Activities

Nine chocolate-hungry little ones to start the day hunting for tickets in teapot wood.  This weeks theme was deer, so once a ticket was found the kids had to answer a question about deer.  If they got it wrong they had to do a forfeit! I'm not sure how me and Mia's Mum ended up doing the press-ups though?

Face Painting

This week there were a couple of ice queens, some butterflies, a tiger, a fox, Spiderman and his spider and this water dragon and water kelpie modelled by Zoe.

Magick Wands

Everyone who were making their own wands this week went for Hazel. Julia decorated hers in a lovely bright pink and went off with lots of healing spells for arthritis.  Below is a picture of regular camper Daisy's wand, also her friend Jenna's wand.  Daniel bought a powerful Oak wand, Liam a protective Rowan and his sister a creative Hazel wand.

Dusk Walk

Not surprisingly it didn't get dark being the Summer Solstice, but we had a lovely walk through the woods with young Daniel and his Dad.  We shared lots of bushcraft tips along the way, tried to see faeries over Doon Hill (as it is said to be easier to see them with our physical eyes on this night), before saying hello again to the bats. It was too light for the water bats/Daubenton's but there were lots of Soprano pipistrelles scoffing all the midges :-).