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Last Activity Weekend at Cobleland Campsite

We've had a lovely but emotional last weekend here at Cobleland, this will always be a happppeeee place for us and thank you to all those who we have met and who have joined in with our activities over the years who have helped to make it so special.  Scotland has proved an enriching experience in so many ways and it now feels like our second home, so thank you to all the lovely people of Scotland for making us feel so welcome, this land here is indeed very special and magical! Who knows where our journey will take us next but I'm sure we will come back soon and often.

Teapot Cottage

Will has just about finished creating Teapot Cottage using reclaimed wood or off-cuts from the forest.  A couple of pesky vandalism incidents in the summer meant the finish time was delayed, but hopefully now that it is a finished sturdy structure kids will just love coming across this in Teapot Wood and look after it for both themselves and the faeries to enjoy.

We had a few tackle the Chocolate Quest in Teapot Wood on Saturday and the day finished off lovely with a great bat walk long with 25 campers (and 2 rather fluffy dogs) eager to learn about and to see the bats.

Here Dave the bat is about to try to devour all the little moths, he got one!

The Wacky Forth Races

Our last race attracted a few, plus campsite managers, Lesley and Graham decided to try their luck too!

Rafts Pictured from left with Jasmine, Sam, Rosie and Darah:

Scarlett - The Rescue Boat (3rd)

Connie - Teen Zombie From Mars (Connie was stuck for a name for her raft, the name eventually came from the top she was wearing)

Darah - Mushrooms Beautiful (2nd)

Jasmine - The Dead Boat (1st - and overall reigning champion for most wins during the season)!

Rosie - Speedy (4th)

Sam - The Ship of Doom

Duncan - The African Queen

Graham - The Barfly

Lesley - We'll Miss You!

Well done to all who have taken part in this 'adrenaline rush' sport that is  'The Wacky Forth Races'. The anxiety of which has come more from watching the rafts meander through the obstacles of trees and adverse wind conditions rather than the speed of the river lately though.  I'm sure the rain will return soon but in the meantime thanks for such lovely weather this season and for not having to cancel many activities!

Surprise Tea Party

That sneaky Lesley is getting a dab hand at surprise parties lately! What a lovely surprise after our last event today to get together with everyone and stuff ourselves with cake, cake, a biscuit and more cake :-).  Thanks for all your lovely gifts and well wishes and thank you Lesley and Graham for always being so lovely and for helping and supporting us along the way.... and for this amazing cake to take away for our trip to Knoydart - that should keep us going!

The twins, Chaos and Mayhem, made this lovely picture for us today. Very accurate eh, I love how kids are so observant :-)

Keep in touch everyone! We'll keep you all posted if we are back in the area, or planning any events wherever we are as it will be lovely to meet up.  I'll be adding interesting nature stuff and more to the main website this winter too.

Wacky Forth Races

Three raft builders today, here's the line up.  Despite the quiet turnout, you wouldn't think it for the cheers by the river, then the tears! Everyone is a winner of course :-).

From left: 

Andrew - The Blue Ribbon (1st)

Robert - The Dragon 'Fly' (3rd)

Finley - The Floating Jet Boat (2nd)

Whilst down by the finish line, we spotted a carefully placed otter spraint on the winner's rock. Jenni and her Dad were lucky enough to see an otter here last week, we are yet to be lucky but look forward to the day that we are.

The Wacky Forth Races

It was the third to last raft race and it was a busy one with thirteen raft designers hoping to claim the winner's prize.  We haven't had much rain at all lately so it was a slow race (which meant I actually had time to record the winning order) and a couple of Dad's and Jenni had to help some of the rafts along as they kept stopping for a rest on the river's edge.

From left:

Darah - Birthday Wishes (Winner)

Adam - The Hoy (10th)

Sophie & Lauren - Molly (12th)

Liam - The Corries (6th)

Jenni & Jasmine - HMS Princess (7th)

Rachel - Fairy Friends (9th)

Connor - The Nine (3rd)

Nathan - Summer Solstice (4th)

Emily & Cian - The Cobbly Wobbly (8th)

Madeline - Magic (2nd)

Milly - Rosie (raced for fun - it was a Robertson's bottle)

Molly - Dumb (13th)

Samuel - Tessa's Boat (11th)

Cambell & Morgan - Bob (5th)

The Wacky Forth Races

This week's contenders..

From left:

Sophie - Frozen Elsa (1st)

Adam - Nothing, Monster Machine (2nd)

Aiden - Carnage (3rd)

Violet - Fluffy (4th)

Eliza, Andrew, Rory - The BFG (5th)

Ooh, they finished all in the order as above!  The wind pushed those with big sails backwards at first, then BFG got caught in an alder tree. Sophie was pleased to win this year after her efforts last year.

Wacky Forth Races

Here are this week's contending rafts.


From left: 

Jane - The Big Vern (after her Dad's band)

George - The Amazing George Pizza Swing 2nd  (George won a race last year) :-)

Madison & Molly - M&M

Sam & Emma - Doedel

Beth & William - Bee Boat

Rosie - Pirate Deck (1st)

George - Turbo Booster Flash 


The race was quite a close one, but thanks to George's raft, Rosie clinched first place!


Wacky Forth Races

Awful weather forecast but it wan't at all that bad and the river was fast but not too high the race the rafts.  It was a quiet one though with three of the seasonals racing their rafts and Leon was back to race again too.


From left: Leon - The shark (cruising down and banking to the left - looking for fish I think!)

Leah - Billabong (2nd)

Darah - The Lego Machine Death (caught in the alder tree near the finish line)

Jasmine - The Black Boat (1st)

Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A bit quieter here on the campsite as some of the kids are starting to go back to school.  The girls obviously wanted to have their own session as randomly we had three boys then three girls straight after having arrived late after a trip to Blair Drummond.


From left: Cayden, Robbie, Edward, all chosing ash wands

From left: Emily and Ailee's ash and Abbie's hazel wands, together with their magick scrolls reminding them how to make their own spells.

Bat Walk

Lovely big crowd and Stuart the bat was spectacular at demonstrating echo location, although the moths were too busy giggling and forgot that they had actually been eaten by Stuart during the bat and moth game!


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Another busy weekday here at Cobleland with lots on the Chocolate Quest, Bushcraft & Survival, the Dusk Walk and another mega wand making session!


All chose hazel, except Timmy who chose willow - loads of Aiden's :-)

From left: Sandra, Melissa, Jordan, Aiden, Scarlett, Lucy, Connie, Natalie, Aiden, Oli, Timmy, Aiden, Dawn and Fiona.

Wacky Forth Races


From Left:

Chloe - Chloe's Plane

Abigail - Dusty (2nd)

Emily - LM (1st)

Tyler - The Mean Machine

Malcolm - HMS Maltopia

Roman - Lightening (3rd)

Kaylah & Mason - Mason

Jordan & Haiden - The Rust Bucket

The Wacky Forth Races

Only four entries today as the rain decided to hoof it down just as everyone was trying to pack up the tents! Despite the amount of rain the river was still quite low so we had to restart the race half way down after they decided to edge over to the bank for a rest.

From left:

Ronin - The Fruit Shooter (1st)

Mckenzie - The Wonderful Willow (3rd)

Nathan - The Green Giant (2nd)

Morvin - Fairy (4th - again)

Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A busy day here, the sun was shining as lots of Commonwealth Games visitors about!

Chocolate Quest

Eleven chocolate hungry kids wanting to learn about nature along the way, all successfully winning the chocolate without too many forfeits! 


Ten budding survivalists this week and for those lucky ones who want to pursue this interest (and if you ask nicely), Will might just make you a bow and arrow.  Harry, Angela, Eilidh and Aiden seem to be really chuffed with theirs!

Cobleland-Wealth Games

It appears most were watching the real thing, but four upcoming athletes were at a loose end so decided to compete. After the following heats: Running, Egg and Spoon, Balance a Bean Bag on Your Head, Welly Throwing, Sack Race, Three Legged, Relay and Tug of War (all with parents), Billy took the Gold medal with 25 points, Robbie the Silver medal with 21 points and joint Bronze with 18 points was Zoe and Elliot. Well done, whoop whoop :-)!

Just for fun, the kids wanted to take on Will for a Tug of War... and then we all joined in until we all got rope burns - ouch!

Magick Wands

From left: Rosie, Robbie, Aiden, Eilidh, Fraser and Olivia, Will all choosing Willow.

Wacky Forth Races

What a line up, here goes, from left:

Rosie - Bird

Robbie - Ocean

Eilidh - The Heart Cracker

Morgane - The Black Pearl

Alison - Dragon

Angela - Flower Power

Billy - Bilbo

Zoe - The Fairy Boat

Elliot - Valhalla

Grace - The Bottle Banger

Boyd - Iron Man II

George - Creeper (1st)

Anne-Fleur & Gilia - Wind Boat

James - The Epic (2nd)

With just two crossing the line again as the wind was going against a slow trickle of water so those with big sails had a disadvantage - but looked nice :-)

Bat Walk

Great number of bat lovers tonight and lots of bats to say hi, we even saw a hedgehog, the first time ever on a night walk in 6 years!