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Magick Wand Workshop at Chi Coffee

Had a lovely evening with amazing people on my first wand workshop at Chi Coffee in North End, Portsmouth. An extra magickal evening too being Friday 13th! Friday was named after Freyja, the Norse Goddess of passion and fertility and 13 is linked to moon magick and the Divine feminine.  The Egyptians apparently believed that humans had twelve phases of life, the thirteenth being that of bliss and ascension.  Valentines Day tomorrow too so the love heart shaped stone I had recently found at the beach was perfect for the alter.  I learnt yesterday that the Romans had urns in which the ladies put their names inside so that the men could choose one randomly to be their sexual partners for the following year! This custom was traditionally carried out between 13th - 15th February. 

The alter was dedicated to the lovely snowdrop faeries - those dingle dongles, or February fairmaids are such a welcome sight after a dark, chilly winter :-).

Wands tonight were made from yew, hazel and holly - here are eight of the ten wands made, all ready for beautiful magick making! Thank you Jane at Chi Coffee for the venue, scrummy cake and drinks :-)

Next workshop here is 17th April, to book yourself in ring Jane at Chi on 02393 782412.



Activities at Cobleland Campsite

Wooden Pendants

The weather is just fabulous which means lots of happy campers enjoying the trees and the fresh air.  After the chocolate Quest we decided to get crafty and here are some lovely pendants the kids came up with.

Jasmine's neclis :-)

Darah's butterfly design, a sea shell was added later.

Lauren's glitterball of a pendant resulted in Will looking like he was ready for an episode of Strictly!

Sophie's ruby encrusted butterfly.

Will can't sit still for long so he came up with this crab face :-).

Magick Wands

Jenni was back this weekend again to add another wand to her collection, also a few lads wanting to know how to do some spells to their Dad's.  I had to inform them that they couldn't use them for mischievous spells though, which includes turning a Dad into a frog!

From left: Max's Oak, Alfie's Oak, Jenni's Hazel, Sam's Oak, Harry's Oak and Samuel's Hazel. Connor made a Hazel wand but suddenly rushed off during spell teaching, obviously couldn't wait to get to work!

Bat Walk

Lovely to see so many people interested in bats and coming along to the bat walk. We had lots of sorprano pipistrelle's showing off their acro'bat'ic abilities above our heads in the trees. We also had some owls screeching on our way back to camp. 

We later heard the Miller family were having fun when they got back to camp with an Egyptian story that I mention when I talk about owls. It is said that if a Pharaoh took a dislike to someone they would send them a picture of an owl in the post.  If you were unlucky enough to receive the owl picture it was expected of you to take your own life and the owl would then be your guide to the otherworld! I think everyone was getting the owl card then :-).

Activities at Forest Hills

Another busy wand session, I think the silly season has finally caught up with me though as I tried to tell the kids to 'ONLY do naughty or mischievous spells', oops!! I did correct myself, phew, we don't want the spells back-firing three-fold eh!


All chose hazel today, from left: Lydia, Harvey, Beatrice, Jasmine, Nate, Emma, Annabel, Connor, Morgan, Amy and Isla.

Bushcraft & Survival was a successful one for the young fire lighters and there was a lovely crowd of 30 on the bat walk, which means good news for the bats as this can only mean that people are fascinated by them like us :-). Steven the bat was great at using his hand wings to eat up all the midges during the bat and moth game, he didn't know what he was letting himself in for, although Will didn't give him much choice when it came to asking for volunteers!


Activities at Cobleland Campsite

A bit quieter here on the campsite as some of the kids are starting to go back to school.  The girls obviously wanted to have their own session as randomly we had three boys then three girls straight after having arrived late after a trip to Blair Drummond.


From left: Cayden, Robbie, Edward, all chosing ash wands

From left: Emily and Ailee's ash and Abbie's hazel wands, together with their magick scrolls reminding them how to make their own spells.

Bat Walk

Lovely big crowd and Stuart the bat was spectacular at demonstrating echo location, although the moths were too busy giggling and forgot that they had actually been eaten by Stuart during the bat and moth game!


Forest Hills Activities

Lovely sunny start to the day, you can't complain about our commute to work driving along Loch Ard!!  Three lovely spell makers joined us for Magick Wands, they all chose the creative Hazel tree for them.  Sam added the magickal powers of the bat, we like bats :-).  Isla and Mia seemed to like the spell where you sprinkle cinnamon in your shoes before a party to take you to where the fun is at!  They appear to like their parties as they were up until 11:55pm last night (just before pumpkin time) dancing away at a local ceilidh :-).  

From left: Sam, Mia & Isla's wands

Face painting was fun, as always, Henry chose a desert island theme, younger brother Jamie a vampire!

All the kids joined us for the Bushcraft session in the afternoon, along with Mum's and a Nan, if a little apprehensive, but they all enjoyed it especially the wood sorrel.  Mixed reviews on the Douglas Fir tea though!  We saw the poisonous toadstool, panther cap and possibly a young Sickner, both ones to avoid eating!!  Henry and Isla's Mum successfully started the fires today.

Bat walk later tonight, sooo late starting at 10:30pm, but there are plently of midges for them to eat so we should hopefully see the bats doing what they do best.


Magick Wands at Cobleland

Lovely magickal session in the Ranger's Tent, hiding away from all the midges. In addition to these wands, Amy made a lovely pink Rowan wand and Molly a Hazel.


Euan's magickal Hawthorn wand complete with a moose as a power animal.

Lokhlan's Hazel wand with 'Parcel Tongue' burnt into the wand. Lokhlan made a lovely holder for his wand too, although he lost it temporarily whilst finishing off his raft for the race.  Not to worry though, I did a spell to find it and back it came :-)

Lokhlan's Mum, Louise made this lovely coloured Rowan wand, a great wand for protection in addition to the protecting symbol of the pentagram too.  Wishing you happy coincidences to ensue :-)

Cobleland Activities

Nine chocolate-hungry little ones to start the day hunting for tickets in teapot wood.  This weeks theme was deer, so once a ticket was found the kids had to answer a question about deer.  If they got it wrong they had to do a forfeit! I'm not sure how me and Mia's Mum ended up doing the press-ups though?

Face Painting

This week there were a couple of ice queens, some butterflies, a tiger, a fox, Spiderman and his spider and this water dragon and water kelpie modelled by Zoe.

Magick Wands

Everyone who were making their own wands this week went for Hazel. Julia decorated hers in a lovely bright pink and went off with lots of healing spells for arthritis.  Below is a picture of regular camper Daisy's wand, also her friend Jenna's wand.  Daniel bought a powerful Oak wand, Liam a protective Rowan and his sister a creative Hazel wand.

Dusk Walk

Not surprisingly it didn't get dark being the Summer Solstice, but we had a lovely walk through the woods with young Daniel and his Dad.  We shared lots of bushcraft tips along the way, tried to see faeries over Doon Hill (as it is said to be easier to see them with our physical eyes on this night), before saying hello again to the bats. It was too light for the water bats/Daubenton's but there were lots of Soprano pipistrelles scoffing all the midges :-).