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Morning Walk at Tigh Mor

The sun was shining and thankfully two lovely people, Andy and Sarah joined us on our last big walk for the season at Tigh Mor. From Brig O'Turk and into Glen Finglas before coming out past the famous bicycle tree. We talked forest folklore, history, flora and fauna, plus we sampled a few wild food nibbles along the way!

Loch Venachar from Drippin.

Looking Towards Glen Finglas.

Telling one of my favourite stories about fly agaric, the fairy-tale toadstool.  First I like to use a balloon and a piece of wet tissue to demonstrate how the toadstool gets it's spots. There are so many interesting stories centered around this lovely toadstool: How do Santa's reindeer fly? How does Santa fit down the chimney on Christmas Eve? Where does the saying 'going out on the p***' come from?

Morning Walk at Tigh Mor

Another gorgeous day out doing guided walks for Arthur, this time around Glen Finglas with 4 lovely couples. Lots of nice mushrooms to talk about, but not many rowan berries this year.  This is said to foretell a mild winter, but I'm not sure as there were loads of berries last year and then we had lots of rain and no snow - lots of wind though but we will have to wait and see.  This month has been an unusually dry one, you can usually only see the trees on the island pictured below in the Glen Finglas Reservoir!

Activities at Tigh Mor

It's back to the adult bushcraft sessions at Tigh Mor every Thursday until the end of September and it was perfect weather with lovely company.

Loch Achray opposite Tigh Mor, what a lovely view this wee willow tree and Devil's bit scabious has.

The bat walk is still proving popular, especially as the daylight hours are shorter which means we can enjoy the bats and get to bed at a normal hour.  The mist rolled in over the loch which made watching the water bats all the more special as they magically appeared out of the mist to circle close to the water's edge. We even had a couple of tawny owls screeching at us on the way back :-). 

Bat Walk at Tigh Mor

Here is Brian, an excellent sport, as Batfink at this week's bat walk at Tigh Mor.

The Daubenton's bats are being just amazing this year here, circling around above the water just inches from our feet.  We could even see their fingers on their 'hand wings'. They were too quick to see them actually eating the insects, so here is a picture from Google.


Bat Walk at Tigh Mor

Here is Nick the Bat, just before attempting to eat all those little moths.

Magick Wands at Tigh Mor

Lots of lovely new wand and spell makers again;

From left: Siena, Ella, Daniel, Edward, Emma, Lucy, Lauren, Daisy, Naomi, Sol, all choosing Hazel except Daisy who chose Oak.

Bat Walk at Tigh Mor

What an excellent night, 21 lovely people interested about bats and the bats were brilliant too!  Thanks especially to the the water bat that was hunting a few feet away from our own feet and looked spectacular weaving through the chilly mist above the loch. Also, thanks to Alan the bat, who we think is probably our most enthusiastic and definitely our fastest bat when trying to gobble up the moths!

Magick Wands at Tigh Mor

A lovely session as usual at Tigh Mor in the cosy family room. Check out Luke's snake's mouth on the top and his green scales!


From left: Georgie, Kieran and Jessica's Ash wands, Caitlin, Luke and Rachel's Hazel, Tom's Willow, Isla and Amy's Hazel wands.

Drouthy Quaich

For those that want to know what Drouthy Quaich means as it's on top of the bar in the family room there, here is the translation;

Drouthy - thirsty for alcohol

Quaich - A traditional Scottish drinking vessel offered either as a welcome, farewell or at ceremonies. Travelers usually carry them.


Bat Walk at Tigh Mor

Nigel made a fine job of looking spooky and was possibly our tallest bat ever :-). Pictured here inside Tigh Mor's reception.

Magick Wands at Tigh Mor

Fourteen magick makers today making their wands from either willow or hazel. Here are Darcy and Amelie's lovely willow wands. It was interesting that a number 12 seemed to magically appear on Charlotte's wand, so we looked up the meaning and it suggested good luck :-).  Hope you had a good trip back to Portsmouth, our home City!