Wacky Forth Races

'Wacky' was pushed to the limits this weekend after all the rain in the Wacky Forth Races.  Four lovely rafts were made, but despite Will's efforts in saving them at the finish line, two escaped, one was later captured but Jasmine's raft was off to Edinburgh - there was no stopping it!!

From Bottom; Zoe's winning raft 'Zoe The Cheeky Monkey, Josh's Devil Warrior got caught up not crossing the finish line (may have been something to do with the 'evil plan tactics' of spearing the other rafts :-)), Darah's Ninkinpoop Version II came second with Jasmine's 'Jasmine Elizabeth coming a close third.

Here's Darah and Jasmine just before the traumatic race, but there were prizes for all to help cope with the stress of it all!

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