About Nix In Nature

I am an artist from Hampshire, completing a degree in Art at Portsmouth University in 1997.  My journey into understanding the importance of our individual connection to nature, and each other, rapidly evolved after choosing a life off grid between 2006 and 2014.  Scotland became home for a while where I became a Recreational Ranger, and developed a particular interest in the magick of tree, plant and folklore.

I am part of the team at the Sustainability Centre and passionate about wellbeing, currently developing my skills as a Reiki teacher with Lendrick Lodge in Scotland and as a Connected Kids meditation teacher.

I ran ranger activities in Scotland , between September 2008 and 2014 after choosing a life off-grid in 2006 on a quest to find a better work-life balance and to live a greener lifestyle - a liberating and educational experience and a work in progress! I completed a charity backpack from Land's End to John O'Groats with Daisy Dogsmucker, walking our beautiful National Trails raising money for the Rowans Hospice.  You can read more about this in my personal blog Daisy's Walkies.  I have a real passion for nature, specially woodland and mountain environments and this precious time off-grid re-awakened this interest and introduced me to the magical world of plant folklore.  I progressed this interest to run ranger activities whilst being employed by Forest Holidays and the Camping & Caravanning Club before becoming a freelance ranger. 

I now also offer Artwork Services  and  Reiki Sessions. See the website links for more details.

 Who's Nix?

Some friends (who have played a part in me following my current path and following my dreams) randomly started to call me Nix instead of Nikki. I have since learned that 'Nix' is a natural satellite of Pluto, also a Nix or Nixie is a type of water spirit or elemental, although I won't entice you into the water with singing and I'm not green - usually!

So Who's Patrinia Oolana then?

It's still me! Patrinia Oolana is my soul name and it's vibration means, Bringer of Joy and Keeper of the Sacred Arts Wisdom.  This was chanelled to me via Alphedia Arara from Elemental Beings who I feel very blessed to have met and worked with in helping to develop me to embody the best version of myself for the benefit of all.  I use this name for my creative work.


See the Resources page for helpful links, books and my dedication to this website.

Arthur Rackham - Rhine Maiden
Image Credit: Arthur Rackham - Rhine Maiden