Spells & Magick

Personalised Wands

If you would like a personalised wand made and sent to you please visit the Ranger Activities Magick Wands Page.

See the Nix's News and Facebook page for up to date events and table top sales.

If you have purchased a wand and are unable to attend a wand session the How Wands are Made will help you to understand further the wands potential magick! This is great for children if they are planning a show and tell at school. You will have been given a scroll detailing how to make spells.

Wand Sessions

Join us on a Magick Wand session to learn how to create your own wand and let the magick begin! If you are unable to join in on a session or would like a reminder of what we covered see the links below;

If you would like to use the magick of the moon, here is the current Moon Phase

There are various website out there that can help you to look up your Moon Sign too.  We are more familiar with star signs, but it is really interesting to look up this too as it is said that your sun or star sign represents your personality and your moon sign represents your emotional side.

Triple Goddess - Hannah Boeving