Here is a list of books for further reading and acknowledgments of friends and family that have inspired and helped me learn more about the magic of nature.  Keep the knowledge flowing......


General Uses Of Plants, Trees, Magic & Folklore

Discovering The Folklore Of Plants - Margaret Baker

Earth Wisdom - Glennie Kindred

Flights Of Fancy - Peter Tate

Herbal Healers - Glennie Kindred

Herbs and Healing Plants of Britain & Europe - Dieter Podlech

Messages From Nature's Guardians - Fiona Murray/Alphedia Arara

Secret Meanings of Flowers - Brenda Jenkins Kleager

The Celtic Wisdom Of Trees - Jane Gifford

The Hedgerow Handbook - Adele Nozedar

The Scots Herbal -Tess Darwin

The Secret Commonwealth - Robert Kirk

The Secret Lives Of Elves & Faeries - John Matthews

The Secret Lore of Plants and Flowers - Eric Maple

Wild Foods

Food For Free - Richard Mabey

The Survival Handbook (in association with the Royal Marines Commandos) - Colin Towell

SAS Survival Guide - John 'Lofty' Wiseman

Wild Foods - Roger Phillips 


Trees For Life

Woodland Trust - Nature's Calendar, Nature Detectives, Ancient Tree Hunt

Wild Food UK

 Seed Sistas at Sensory Solutions


Alan Sneddon - Highland Glen Safaris

Arthur Jones - Trossachs Treks

Bob Tayler - Tayler Made Adventures

Chris Smilie - Previous Ranger at Forest of Dean Cabins, Forest Holidays

Linda & Danni - Forestry Commission Rangers, New Forest

Lesley & Graham - Cobleland Campsite

Martin Summers - Ranger at Deerpark Cornwall Cabins, Forest Holidays

And also to all of my friends and those who I have met along the way, there is always something to learn for the journey ahead.


Thank you to my brother Oli for all your website help!

This website is dedicated to and in memory of my Mum Lyn, Mal my second Mum, my dear friend Lesley from Cobleland Campsite in Scotland and of course Daisy Dogsmucker.  My Mum for her love of life and free gypsy spirit, to Mal for her fun loving and caring character, to Lesley for her kindness and passion for protecting the natural world, encouraging all she met to see and believe in the magick within us, Daisy for just being a pain in the arse on her tireless quest to show me the beauty and joy in the now moment!  All loved to experience the adventure and healing beauty of nature. Thank you for all you are!

Mal, Will, Lyn, Daisy's 'pain in the arse' and Nix Isle of Wight Coast Path





Lesley and Fingal at the Faerie Festival in Cornwall