Reiki Sessions

Reiki in Person Session


£40 for a one hour session, plus initial consultation and aftercare 

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Prices may alter slightly depending on location, travel and room hire costs.  My Reiki Treatment room is in Dervaig, on the Isle of Mull.

Reiki Treatment Room

Reiki from a Distance Session

£33 for a one hour session in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are in the world!    

How does that work?

A distance session works with Reiki in the same way but not with me physically present with you.  You may still sense the energy the same way as an in person session, especially if you are relaxed at the time I send the energy.  Either way, Reiki will still work for your highest best.  A time is agreed for you to relax in your own space to receive. We can exchange experiences if you wish and you will receive information on aftercare moving forward.

Read more about how Reiki can benefit you.

Loch Venachar


To book a session, please contact me via the contact form.

Reiki Table

What might make this session different to sessions that I have had before?
Every session you have is different, our energy is always changing on a daily basis.  As the Reiki targets any stuck or lower vibrational energy, it will depend on where and how it is working and so you might experience the session differently too.  If you do not have an acute or chronic condition that you wish to heal or alleviate, regular sessions are a perfect idea to help maintain your health, just like a regular massage offers us so many benefits too.  So, you do not have to have a physical pain or injury before you have a session.  The idea is to keep our energy as vibrant and as high as possible, so that we can better live, being our true selves and to help prevent any issues arising whatever the root cause.  Reiki works on our emotional and mental bodies too and therefore supports us through growth challenges.  Reiki helps us to listen to our bodies, we can be more mindful about what our bodies are trying to tell us, where are we out of balance? Reiki helps us to remember how to heal. More about Reiki Benefits.
Why choose me to be your practitioner or teacher?
I believe that you will be drawn to the right practitioner or teacher at the right time for you, so always work towards developing and listening to your intuition.
All Reiki is good, the energy cannot be misused or misqualified as its vibration is so high and that of love.  Ask, what would love do in any situation and this is how Reiki works too.  What might vary is the depth of the practitioners teachings.  It is always good to ask if a practitioner can trace their lineage, were they taught hands on and do they have a strong and lasting bond with their Reiki teacher?  If a Reiki practitioner was trained over the internet, whilst this is possible, the depth of teachings, hands on experience and understanding may be less.  Also, by dedicating your own personal growth and health for yourself and others, practitioners can enable the energy to work through them at the highest level possible, so in short, during a session you would receive more of the benefits of Reiki as a client.
My own hands on training  has been ongoing since 2012, with regular courses, Reiki days, and additional teachings.  I have a traceable short lineage to Mikao Usui and my teacher has intensively trained me for two and a half years to become a teacher.  This has involved sitting and teaching alongside her during her own three day workshops, much like an apprenticeship and how Reiki was originally taught.  As part of my pure lineage teachings, I have learnt to enhance the Reiki using sacred symbols, mantras and visualisations. 


Usui Shiki Ryoho