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I have been training in Reiki since 2012 with Victoria Lyons as my teacher at the world renowned retreat and training Centre, Lendrick Lodge in Scotland.  I have been an Advanced Reiki Practitioner since April 2014. 

Reiki Master Teacher Training

In September 2021, I was accepted on the Phoenix Rising Lotus Unfolding Reiki Master Teacher Training programme with Victoria, which involves two and a half years of intensive training.  

Victoria has been successfully teaching for over twenty five years.  We both train with Victoria's Reiki Teacher, Margaret Underwood, in the art of Tai Chi. Our lineage have each dedicated their lives to learning the wisdom and sacred teachings that have been passed down from teacher to student. I am 9th in a traceable lineage from Dr Mikao Usui who rediscovered and developed the teachings further.

As part of my teacher training I have taught four full weekends during assessments and numerous teaching sections and support within Victoria's classes.  It has been a truly transformational apprenticeship. 

Victoria has taught just four Masters in her twenty five years of teaching, fellow student Annika and Glad and Diane who both graduated in 2015. Selection was dependent upon experience and our commitment to living the pure and deep teachings of this lineage.  The teacher appears when the student is ready.

Victoria Lyons (BSc Hons) of Lendrick Lodge

 Victoria Lyons  Lendrick Stones

How has Reiki Helped Me?

Reiki has truly helped transform my life for the better, encouraging and supporting me to be the best I can be, in finding my joy again, creativity and inner peace.  It is an honour to be able to pass these teachings on to help others with their own individual journeys in healing and remembering their true essence.  Reiki fully supports the challenges we face as we ride the waves of experience, learning through growth, and also helps us develop our compassion, both for ourselves and others.  I feel connected, whole and with purpose.

Read more about how Reiki can benefit benefit you and those around you.

I am a full member and insured with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). The FHT is the largest professional association for therapists and works to maintain the highest standards in teaching and practicing standards.

FHT Membership

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions are available where I live on the Isle of Mull.  Mull is absolutely beautiful in so many ways; the flora and fauna, especially the trees, lichen and fresh air, coastal and mountain paths, waterfalls, beaches, the community, the energy. There are so many fun, healing and wellbeing opportunities here whatever your interests.

My Nix in Nature Reiki Treatment room is now open. You may hear the gentle bleating of sheep or the chirping of birds - on one one occasion, a black hooded crow wanted to come in!

Reiki Treatment Room Reiki Treatment Room Window by day Reiki Treatment Room by night

My sessions are run from the north of the Island in Dervaig, but I am happy to look at the possibility to travel to you if you are unable to visit me. 

For a one to one session you can book using the contact me page.

Price guidelines are on the Reiki Sessions page where any special offers will also be advertised.  Gift vouchers are also possible.

Distance Reiki

If you are not on the Isle of Mull, then we can set aside a time and I can send the energy to wherever you are as there are no time or place constraints with sending Reiki.  You simply relax in your own uninterrupted space and receive.

Visit how Reiki can benefit you for more information.

For a Reiki Distance session you can book using the contact me page.

Price guidelines are on the Reiki Sessions page where any special offers will also be advertised.  Gift vouchers are also possible.


I will be a fully trained Reiki Master Teacher from April 2024 following my initial practitioner training since 2012 and a two and a half year Master Teacher course. This means that I will be able to train students wishing to learn both first and second Degree Reiki at various venues. I plan to teach here on Mull, the Isle of Skye and Dorset in England, but I am open to other venue ideas! Keep an eye out here and on my Reiki Courses page for future courses after May 2024.

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