Colour Magick

Colours, like everything hold a vibration. These vibrations can be used in colour therapy or decoration to promote well being or to invoke certain emotions.  For instance green is a colour used in healing, promoting peace and connects us to nature, orange promotes creativity, joy and is also used to invoke hunger in restaurants.

Here are a few examples and also some of the relating chakras (Sanskrit for wheel), or energy centres in the body. You may find you are drawn to a particular colour, whether generally or more of a phase. This could relate to the colour vibration that is most benefit to you at this time.  Blue's or blue crystals for instance can be worn around the neck if you have a sore throat, or if you feel you need to boost your confidence through speech.       

Red – Root

Grounding, protection/security, passion, courage, strength, energy

Orange – Sacral

Creativity, relationships, reproduction, confidence, enthusiasm, abundance, joy

Yellow – Solar Plexus

Personal power, confidence, intellect, expansiveness, growth

Green - Heart

Harmony, healing, nature, growth, prosperity, inner child, compassion, devotion

Blue - Throat

Communication, self-expression, healing, calm, peace, protection, independence

Indigo – Third Eye

Truth, intuition, clarity, vision, balance

Violet/Purple - Crown

Spirituality, wisdom, enlightenment, serenity, unity


Romance, peace, affection, soothing heart


Masculine, sun, strength, wealth, power, courage


Feminine, moon, intuition, psychic, peace


All or no colours.

Pure, Goddess, childhood, motherhood, innocence, peace, higher-self, truth, pure love.


Culmination of all vibrational lights absorbing light information.

Protecting, banishing, shadow-self, still point, silence.


Soothing, purifying, calming, healing


Earth, grounding, stabilizer, animals, trees, healing