Environmental Policy

Nix in Nature, believes in the ‘balance of nature’! Therefore as recreational rangers we will follow the laws of the forest faeries and always actively seek to improve this policy as we and the planet evolve to finally pay more respect to the lovely Mother Earth.

We will re-use, recycle and use chemical free/biodegradable products whenever possible, both on a personal and professional level and we aim to promote the importance of such respect to Mother Earth and how easy and liberating it is during our activities and on our marketing.

Products used will be recycled where possible such as paper for printing and craft materials, also chemical free and cruelty free products are used for cleaning and hygiene.

Waste is recycled where facilities exist; currently these include; food composting, paper, card, plastic, cans, glass, batteries and printer cartridges. Litter is also collected during our events to set an example and to maintain good forest karma.

Local and fair trade goods are fully supported and used by Nix in Nature and personally whenever possible.

Energy Saving. As we, the rangers behind Nix in Nature left the rat race in 2006 we have been actively looking to live a much greener, simpler lifestyle on a personal level too. We have lived in either a campervan, caravan or tent since this point and have drastically reduced our energy use.

Conservation is promoted on our walks and events and we aim to enthuse those to respect the natural world. We also play an active part in the Woodland Trust's phenology website, Nature’s Calendar and their Ancient Tree Hunt.