Magick Wands

Personalised Wands

I am now able to accept requests for personalised wands.  Prices vary depending on the detail but start at just £7.50 plus any p&p and can include;

  • Pyrography (burnt) magickal symbols, for example the pentagram for protection, ogham symbols used by the Druids,
  • Initials or names in any alphabet, Theban Script or the Runic Alphabet work well for example
  • Artwork of magickal helpers, for instance dragons, faeries, angels, power/totem animals
  • Sun and moon signs
  • Spiralled ribbons on the handle, colours hold magickal energy
  • Crystals optional and may cost extra
  • Wax, or varnish optional as you may wish to add more decoration to it first

Each wand will include full instructions on how to use it on a wax sealed scroll with additional information regarding the tree, the colours used and any symbols chosen.

Contact me for more information, please leave me the following details;

  • Full name
  • Date of birth and time of birth if known
  • Favourite colours
  • Preferred wand length - traditionally measured from the elbow to the top of your fingers but can be any size
  • Any magickal interests that you may have - Faeries/Elementals, Dragons, Angels, Dieties etc.



Wands Sessions

I have previously run numerous wand sessions in Scotland and more recently in the Portsmouth/Hayling Island area after moving back closer to home. I am open to suggestions from people interested in sessions. This might be parties, fayres or other venues.  These are always popular with any age/mixed group. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas that I can help you with.

Maximum numbers are 13 people at £13 each. Prices may very due to room hire costs.

In this session you will make and personalize a real magick wand. Learn about tree wisdom and the symbols that the mystical Druids used before learning how to use your wand and to make your own spells. This session usually lasts between an hour to an hour and a half for children (which is usually fascinating for the adults to watch if they are not joining in). Adult sessions usually last about two hours. 

Nikki is both Enhanced CRB/DBS checked and Nix in Nature is insured by Blackfriars Group.

Also keep an eye out for events and table top sales at Nix's News and the Facebook page.

Further Wand information

See the Nature's Magic area of this website for more wand information, spells making and other magickal delights!