Green Living Links

Here is a list of helpful links to the most environmentally friendly and ethical products with great customer service that I have come across so far. Hopefully this will save you oodles of time researching and therefore more likely to switch to a healthier way of living for the planet and you. 

Chemical Database Skin Deep Enter a chemical/ingredient into their search engine for up to date research
Body Care

Faith in Nature

Green People

Very affordable

More expensive but great for a treat or as gifts

Toilet Rolls Naked Sprout Either Bamboo or Recycled, unbleached toilet/kitchen roll and tissues
Cleaning Products BioD Biodegradable, Vegan and not tested on animals 
Cleaning Tips & how to grow plants Creative Explained Facebook, Instagram & TikTok
Feminine Hygiene Natracare  Can also be purchased from Waitrose and some health stores
Food  Love Food Hate Waste Food waste minimising ideas and recipes
Gifts Protect the Planet
Make Up

Lily Lolo

PHB Ethical Beauty


Nail Varnish

Inspirationail UK


Eco reasons to buy from here and a list of eco and kid friendly brands
Recycling Freecycle & Terracycle Local Council Recycling Centres, Charity shops and Supermarkets

Ethical Superstore

General home, cleaning and food products