How Reiki can benefit you

What is it?

Reiki is a Japanese word translating as universal energy. Reiki is a non-invasive, natural complementary therapy promoting overall wellbeing where the energy is channeled via a Reiki practitioner who has been attuned and taught by a Reiki Master teacher.  Dr Mikao Usui and his students are responsible for bringing these teachings into modern practice. 

Why might I want to experience this?

This beautiful energy can be used to promote balance and overall health working physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Everything is energy and we all have our optimum frequency. As we progress through life, riding the waves and specifically growing or learning through challenges, our energy field's frequency and our health can be affected. Energy is constantly moving.

Perhaps physically we fall off a bike or hurt our back, or maybe even develop a physical issue that has no obvious cause where our body is trying to show or teach us something. It could be an emotional imbalance when we, for example, experience grief or take on a hurtful comment.   Emotions are of course important to feel and experience, but sometimes we have trouble allowing ourselves to go through a normal emotional process, in motion, and we either avoid or allow the feelings to linger too long and so it affects our ability to be ourselves again and to find joy.  Perhaps we have developed a mental habit as a way to cope in that moment in time, but it does not serve our highest good and keeps us in the past or in that moment or trauma.  Spiritually, we may feel disconnected, lost our way, or confused with life.  Reiki heals on all levels as we are more than our beautiful physical selves and need to feel balance in each of our energy bodies.  Think of it as essential maintenance for your overall wellbeing.

How does it work?

Everything is energy.  Match the frequency to the reality that you want and is for your highest best.  Reiki is like being plugged back into our main energy source socket and works to bring us back into balance as quickly and harmoniously as possible, clearing chi or energy stagnations whether caused by either external or internal trauma.  Think of our energy system like a series of tube like drains (meridians) where over time the energy flowing like water can become blocked or damned in certain areas by lower vibrations in the form of upset, injury or unhealthy habits.  Reiki as our natural energy source searches out these blocks to raise our vibration back to our normal frequency.  It is a bit like acupuncture but without the needles!  It helps your body’s natural and amazing ability to heal itself. By taking on the responsibility of healing yourself, both your inner and outer world can transform.   

Who is it suitable for?

Reiki is beneficial for anyone of any age. It will also work alongside any treatment or medication that you may already be having, helping to lessen the side effects of conventional medicine and often speeds the overall healing time.  Reiki works well alongside cancer treatment for instance.  We cannot tell the exact outcome or speed of healing as we all have our own story, so we simply say, 'let's see what the Reiki can do'.  Whatever the outcome, Reiki will always support you for your highest best, helping you to cope with life's challenges and helping you to find inner peace and happiness.

What happens?

We have an initial consultation where it is up to you what you share or set an intention for healing.  Any information shared is of course confidential and is used to focus the energy to maximise the session.  You remain fully clothed and relax either on a massage plinth or chair, whichever is most comfortable.  The practitioner will place her hands on a number of positions on your body (or just above if you prefer). Hands on sessions are encouraged as it can enhance the feeling of energy and is extremely comforting.  Then you just relax and enjoy whilst listening to relaxing music. The session usually lasts for about an hour and we finish with aftercare advice.

It is also possible to have a session from a distance, so not face to face.  This is possible because everything is energy and the Reiki teachings allow a practitioner to send Reiki beyond time and space for the highest intention.  A pre-agreed time is set to send and receive and you relax in a warm, comfortable uninterrupted space to receive.  How you experience energy personally will depend on each individual and each session.  Reiki will still be working and it is very common to at least experience the deepest relaxation, hard to describe in words.

How will I feel?

Each session is individual and personal depending on how you experience energy.  You will feel comfortable, safe and often connected to your true self potential.  You may experience clarity of thought, an emotional release, a boost in energy levels, or simply just deep relaxation.  It is common to fall asleep as we do not always gift ourselves with self nurture and rest.  One hour of Reiki is the equivalent to having four hours of the deepest healing sleep! It will work to help you to feel in harmony and balance, deeply connected, grounded and fully supported on your onward journey of self-healing, growth and towards being the best version of yourself. Choosing to nurture yourself will positively affect those around you too.

How often should I have a session?

This is discussed during sessions, but is always up to you.  Some clients like a monthly treatment for overall wellbeing.  If you have a physical pain or issue you might like a session every few days or weekly initially, lessening as you heal. With a chronic condition, you might like to have a two weekly treatment for instance, lessening the frequency overtime, or even learn to give yourself Reiki.  You do not have to wait until an issue has manifested to an obvious physical ailment, we do not always listen to our bodies warning signs! The aim is to keep our vibration as high as possible for overall health so that we can enjoy life in all areas, feel supported through challenges and able to feel joy, compassion, purpose and inner peace.

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