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Tomato Experiment 2023

2024 Sunflower Experiment

As part of my Reiki Teacher training course, I decided to see if I could physically see the results of raising the vibration of food.  I knew the positive affects of Reiki for plants, food, water and all beings, so for teaching purposes and to inspire future students I started my first experiment.

I knew of stories of using positive against lower vibrational words to measure the affects of plant growth, both spoken and written, but I could only find an IKEA experiment online promoting bullying awareness. Ever since my own Second Degree Reiki training in 2013, where I was introduced to Dr Emoto's work, I have been particularly interested with science measuring the usually unseen energetic.  Dr Emoto worked with water, froze it into crystals and magnified it to see the snowflake-like water crystals which showed the affects of pollution, words, thoughts, music and transformation.  The crystal shapes that formed depended on the vibration of the water with various influences.  Some results can be viewed on Office Masaru Emoto.  Emoto's work is especially interesting, as our bodies are of a high percentage of water and so the affects of words, thoughts and vibrations will affect our energetic vibration.  As everything is energy, it is of course not just the water within us that is affected, but our whole system. We are not always aware of the energetic affect on us, especially the power of our own thoughts, so this I find is a helpful reminder to be mindful of the importance of compassion to ourselves and others, without blame or judgement, as we are all growing and learning at different rates.

7th May & 20th

Tomato seeds planted and then sprouting.  All soil is organic but with no energetic influences at this stage from myself.

Plant Seeds planted Tomato plant sprouting
3rd June

Nine of the strongest looking plants were replanted and divided into three larger pots.

Tomato 1 larger pot Tomato 2 larger pot Tomato 3 larger pot
12th July
Plant 1 on the left had positive words placed around the tub, then given Reiki and Reiki symbols to raise the vibration and to encourage growth. Plant 2 in the middle had no Reiki or wording.  Plant 3 on the right had lower vibrational words written around the tub and no Reiki.  I had intended to verbalise such words to the plant, but I actually found it too difficult, even for the purpose of this experiment!
Plant 1 positive Plant 2 nothing Plant 3 negative words
3rd August

Plant 1 on the left corner, with the positive words and Reiki, was starting to grow taller than the other two plants.

Plants 1 2 3 growth
11th September

Plant 1 can be seen standing taller, the other two, particularly plant 3 is looking droopy, sad and difficult to keep holding up with string. All are providing fruit.

Plant 1 2 3 with fruit
12th September

 The biggest and most ripe fruit were taken from each plant.....  

Tomato fruit 1 2 3
.... and then eaten. Plant 1 was the sweetest and with the thinnest skin, Plant 2 was quite sour and with split tough skin. Plant 3 was very sour with the toughest skin.  I thought this symbolised how we develop a tougher skin at times, or a barrier around our heart, in an attempt to protect our feelings, allowing our insides to feel sour from either our own negative thought patterns, behaviours or from letting others hurtful words absorb and influence us.  In a similar way our growth is stunted and we become stuck unable to move forward and learn.
Eaten tomatoes
15th September
Healing of the sad Plant 3 - to experiment how Reiki and positive words can transform the energy and vibration, no matter how low it once was.  I can spell forgiveness though!  I did actually apologise to the plant and thanked it for the experiment.
Plant transformation
21st September

A gift from plant 1, I love you!

Plant 1 love heart
10th October
A gift from Plant 3 after Reiki and positive word transformation!  The season was late and so I had to pick it green to then ripen in the kitchen.
Plant 3 gift Plant 3 gift ripened

2024 Sunflower Experiment