Rafts & Crafts at Tigh Mor

Lots of great creativity this weekend at Tigh Mor....

From left: Henry's HMS Titanic and Eleanor's 'Eleanor'

Nick's 'Wooden Craft' and James' HMS Victory

Magick Wands from left: Ben & Luke's Hazel wands and Rose & Sam went for Hazel too - must have been the invisibility and creativity powers within them :-)  Interestingly it is the Celtic Ogham month for Hazel, see these kids are using their intuition well :-)

Aaah, Loch Achray :-)

Magick Wands

This weeks magick wands at Cobleland Campsite.....

From left: George's Rowan wand (complete with leaves, berries and googly eyes :-), Samuel's Silver Birch, Joshua's Willow and Nathan's Willow.

Rory's Hazel wand

From left: Leo's Oak, Eva's Rowan wand (Freyja in human form I'm sure :), and Max's Hazel.

Arts & Crafts at Forest Hills

A very crafty afternoon at Forest Hills this week, loads going on!

James & Nate's raft Skully

Theo's The Shin Digger (sponsored by Pepsi Max)

Jasmine's The Red & White Raft

Sarah's Monkey Banana 

Russ's Tinted Turbo 

Louisa's Fiddlestix 
Lydia's BOAT

Sarah and Lydia's pendants, Beatrice made a lovely pendant too but I missed photographing that one! 

Last but not least, a wand making session, phew! 

Louisa's Ash wand and her brother Russ's Oak wand is pictured above. Their Mum Nikki made one too with her ogham birth tree Alder which is a wand in progress (same name and tree as me:). Quite funny when the tree bobbed Will on the tree after snipping a branch, I asked permission from the Dryad, clearly Will didn't!!
Sarah made a Hazel wand too and Lydia a Willow. Happy magick making, remember the full blue moon tonight for magick and cleansing :-)

Magick Wands

Here are the new magick makers wands for this week at Cobleland campsite..

From left: Zayd's Silver Birch, Muadz Hazel, Rose's Ash, and Rebecca & Mairi's Elder wands

Muadz! If you or your Dad is reading this you left your wand in the forest!! Let us know if you would like us to send out to you, otherwise we will keep it as a lovely example for others to help inspire them with their own wands :-)

Magick Wands

Lucky seven doing wands this week at Cobleland campsite this week, some escaped eager for magick making in the woods before I could take a picture but here are a couple.

Ruth's AMAZINGLY decorated willow wand - the original magick wand!

Macsen also opted for a willow wand which is good for imagination, intuition and vision.

Magick Wands

Lovely wands, especially now that we have some heavy duty glue guns now!

From Left; Sophie's holly wand, Hannah's hazel, Jack & Ellis went for elder - 'the deathstick' and Logan went for oak. For Elias's red one we're not sure as he picked up a random stick in the woods and joined us half way through for fun :-) The wand chooses the wizard of course so the wand clearly wanted to join forces with Elias for the good of all!

Magickal Wands & Sylphs

Lovely day Saturday before the rain came at tea time, but it thankfully wasn't too bad for the bat walk.  In fact we had loads of hungry bats during the walk, loads of toads and one lady even saw an otter after nearly being pulled into the water by her dog!  I'm a tad jealous after five years in the area without seeing one, but it will make it all the more special when I do :-)

Jamie's Elder wand, Michael's Hazel and Angus's Willow - who jetted off for a magickal battle with Nicholas and Oliver in the forest.

Leah's Elder wand, Holly's Holly (of course) and Isla's Silver Birch - excellent effort seen as our second glue gun in two weeks burnt out just before the end! We will have to give up on the rechargeable battery versions :-(

Getting a bit more face painting practise in on my arm with some magickal Theban script writing. This is a sylph or air elemental/faery, it was a shame to wash her off at the end of the day!  The kids chose a Frankenstein face and various cheeky chaps for their cheeks from killer whales and dolphins to racing cars and spiders. Isla opted for the sylph tatoo as well :-) I will try and get a bit more speedy though!

Forest Hills Arts & Rafts

Our first craft session at the lovely Forest Hills resort on Loch Ard went really well and the kids made wands and mini rafts next to the pond. Thanks to everyone that joined in!
From left; Mia's lacey Willow wand, Sam's Holly and Tamzin's Ash wand.

Talking of ash, don't forget to put the leaves of ash under your pillow for psychic dreams to help you see into the future!

 I forgot to say that holly leaves under your pillow can help those who's hearts need healing (or make men irresistible to women if carried along with a berry ;-) and you can make a wish with a willow tree - ask permission from the tree, snap off a bendy shoot and make a wish as you tie the knot. Look after it and when your wish comes true take it back to a willow tree with a gift, untie the knot and say thank you :-)

Beth's lovely red sailed raft was named 'Star' and Finlay's Titanic stayed afloat excellently, although there were no icebergs, just dunking ducks :-)

Magic Wands & Wooden Pendants

Lovely wands and pendants again, despite the glue gun breaking, aaagh!

From left; Freya's Holly wand, Libby's Elder, Daniella's Rowan, Charlie's Oak, Grace's Holly and Archie's Elder

Robert's and his sister Grace's secret Viking messages

 It was Mum's birthday sisters Brooke, Ella and Farren made pendants to celebrate with a Viking message. Are you still missing Will ;-)

Magic Wands & Wooden Pendants

Great wands everyone!  Elder is extremely popular, maybe something to do with Voldermort! Willow, hazel and oak wands chose their new owners too and were lovingly sanded and decorated with magic symbols and trinkets.  Happy spell making and remember only good spells or they will backfire threefold!
Interestingly Lewis was determined to do something mischievous but then Will accidently snapped it while helping to fix on some ribbon!  Sorry Lewis, luckily Will fixed it so it now has character both and a lesson behind it. Remember Lewis, Ron Weasley's wand broke but still worked after it was fixed :-)

We had another craft session now that the holidays have started, this time pendants made from silver birch discs and elder beads, before decorating further. I helped some out with their designs using my pyrography set to burn into the wood too.

Megan, we found a headless angel, she must have fell off :-z If you come back we can see if we can fix her :-)