Cobleland Magick Wands & Pendants

Gorgeous weather this weekend for the school holidays and we were joined in the ranger tent for magic making, crafts and rafts.

From left: Matthew and his Sister Becca chose Hazel wands for creativity and invisibility spells.

Alexandra chose a Willow wand for imagination, intuition and vision.

Alexandra's big sister Ellen made this lovely pendant using old Theban script writing.

Arts & Rafts at Forest Hills

It's quiet here too at Forest Hills now that most kiddies have returned back to school.  Alexander though, from Germany still has two weeks left so he got stuck in with some whittling and came up with this lovely little boat.

Craft at a Now Quiet Cobleland Campsite

Only two little ones on the campsite - it's sooooooo quiet!! Young Imogen kept us company today though and made this magnificent, sparkly Rowan wand. Her first spells she tells me will be based around her having a dog one day and becoming a doctor :-).  Will made her a boat too as she slept in after the bat walk and missed the Wacky Races on Sunday - I nearly did too!

Imogen's Sail Boat - inscribed with Viking letters (you just can't see it)!
Imogen's Rowan wand which will keep her protected, especially at Hallowe'en from naughty spooky things.

Wooden Pendants & Medallions

George (now wearing a kangaroo t-shirt rather than GOA today ;) brought his younger sister Rosie along to make pendants.  Here's what they came up with...

Arts & Crafts at Forest Hills

A very crafty afternoon at Forest Hills this week, loads going on!

James & Nate's raft Skully

Theo's The Shin Digger (sponsored by Pepsi Max)

Jasmine's The Red & White Raft

Sarah's Monkey Banana 

Russ's Tinted Turbo 

Louisa's Fiddlestix 
Lydia's BOAT

Sarah and Lydia's pendants, Beatrice made a lovely pendant too but I missed photographing that one! 

Last but not least, a wand making session, phew! 

Louisa's Ash wand and her brother Russ's Oak wand is pictured above. Their Mum Nikki made one too with her ogham birth tree Alder which is a wand in progress (same name and tree as me:). Quite funny when the tree bobbed Will on the tree after snipping a branch, I asked permission from the Dryad, clearly Will didn't!!
Sarah made a Hazel wand too and Lydia a Willow. Happy magick making, remember the full blue moon tonight for magick and cleansing :-)

Wooden Pendants

As the rain was back on at Cobleland - A LOT, we made wooden pendants instead of face painting. Here are some lovely examples...

From left: Mairi, Mum and Becca's sparkly but rustic pendants


Here's Euan's brilliantly batty medallion made on the Monday - it was still raining!

Wooden Pendants

Zara's lovely pink themed pendant, helped by big brother Dylan and Nathan's more masculine medallion made today at Cobleland....

Zara's pink and glittery pendant

The lads seem to love the Viking alphabet on their medallions!

Wooden Pendants

Here are this weeks pendants made at Cobleland Campsite.

Lewis's very masculine medallion!

Excellent example of the more feminine end of the creative spectrum by Lewis's younger sister Abby.

 And another girly one by Eilidh
Elias was back for one more blast of his ever growing creative mind before he went home and came up with this alien themed medallion despite his cousin Polly arriving for a surprise visit as a major distraction :-)

Wooden Pendants

More goodies on offer means more creativity - check out these lovely pendants made this week at Cobleland Campsite.

From left: Pendants made by Kirstie, Angus, Angela, Isla and Leah.  Are you missing The Wee Bleather Tea Room Angus, Isla and Leah yet? We went today because you made us hungry! Best breakfasts in Britain :-)

Kirstie found even more gems to decorate her already delightfully coloured pendant!

Forest Hills Arts & Rafts

Our first craft session at the lovely Forest Hills resort on Loch Ard went really well and the kids made wands and mini rafts next to the pond. Thanks to everyone that joined in!
From left; Mia's lacey Willow wand, Sam's Holly and Tamzin's Ash wand.

Talking of ash, don't forget to put the leaves of ash under your pillow for psychic dreams to help you see into the future!

 I forgot to say that holly leaves under your pillow can help those who's hearts need healing (or make men irresistible to women if carried along with a berry ;-) and you can make a wish with a willow tree - ask permission from the tree, snap off a bendy shoot and make a wish as you tie the knot. Look after it and when your wish comes true take it back to a willow tree with a gift, untie the knot and say thank you :-)

Beth's lovely red sailed raft was named 'Star' and Finlay's Titanic stayed afloat excellently, although there were no icebergs, just dunking ducks :-)