Bank Holiday Weekend at Cobleland

The weather wasn't too bad for a bank holiday thank goodness! Not as busy as Easter, but lots of fun and a couple of new sessions launched.

First up, Anna chose a bright pink cat for me to paint on her face, matching her top of course.

Three lovely wands, Cameron chose Silver Birch, Grace and Cara Hazel. Then the next day young Rhona was bored so she popped over to the tent to see if we could help.  She ended up making this lovely Hazel wand complete with gems and a gorgeous pendant.

Rhona's hazel wand - her birthday tree is Hazel and her sister is called Hazel too!

We launched the Chocolate Quest this week, attracting eleven hungry chocolate hunters. Sixteen tickets were hidden around the site, when one was found you had to come back to the Ranger's Tent to pick a task from the pot.  My favourites were; 'Do ten press ups' (impressed with Harris's one legged version!) and 'Hug a Tree'.  No-one found all the tickets by the end of the hour, but bonus prizes were given for a task completed successfully. Of course they had earnt their big choccy bars after all that exercise!
This game will change periodically with updated tasks all the time.  We should have made it a Star Wars themed game - May the 4th be with you and all, snort!!

Our first Dusk Walk of the year was fun having not done that version there for a few years.  Just a bit of rain, but lots of folklore to talk about with all the lovely plants coming up and we saw bats towards the end! Bat walks will be making a return soon now that they are starting to wake from their long winter sleep.

Primrose; said to be used to see into the faery realms, traditionally used on the graves of children in Victorian times :-(, and thirteen flowers were brought into the house at Easter to ensure a good clutch of eggs on the farm. 
OK, the Wacky Forth Races made a nail biting return this year- literally as Darah (the winner in pink) watches the close finish of the rafts nails in mouth!  We very nearly lost the rafts over the rope at the end as the river is still a bit high, but after getting a wet bum myself, we saved them all.  I need some waders this year! Apparently Orla's Mum has a picture of this ;-z.
 From bottom: Stringy thing by Lewis, Rhona snd Steele, Darah's winning raft Ninkinpoop (with the willow pentagram star), Jasmine's Rossetta, Emma's Flower, James and Evan's Diet Coke, Daniel's Dday Yday Raft, Kiana's Daisy Chain, Orla's Tansylee and Anny and Niamh's Vintage.

 Rafts pictured bottom to top

It's a close one - well done Darah!

Cobleland Magick Wands & Pendants

Gorgeous weather this weekend for the school holidays and we were joined in the ranger tent for magic making, crafts and rafts.

From left: Matthew and his Sister Becca chose Hazel wands for creativity and invisibility spells.

Alexandra chose a Willow wand for imagination, intuition and vision.

Alexandra's big sister Ellen made this lovely pendant using old Theban script writing.

Wooden Pendants at Cobleland

Amazing pendants this week, lots of colour, lots of symbols, lots of creativity :-)

Brandon wanted me to burn in "I love bike riding" with magic writing :-)

From Bottom: Hannah and Madeline's lovely pendants.

 Alix designed both sides of her pendant, peace & love <3 :-) 

 Georgette's extremely colourful and lovely flowery pendant. 

 Logan's wolfy, witchy pentagram pendant. I love your own wish symbol pendant :-)

Adam, who had washed off his foxy face by now after his swim was back to make this lovely one, complete with bells. 

Reegan had washed off her butterfly face too but injected lots of colour back into her day with this pendant.

Wooden Pendants

Nobody up for Woodland Survival today, but hey, we can be flexible! Instead Gaby and Sam made these lovely pendants instead.

Gaby designed both sides and maximised decoration possibilities to the full!

Sam liked the idea of being original and going against the grain of symmetrical bead work :-)

Wooden Pendants & Medallions

George (now wearing a kangaroo t-shirt rather than GOA today ;) brought his younger sister Rosie along to make pendants.  Here's what they came up with...

Arts & Crafts at Forest Hills

A very crafty afternoon at Forest Hills this week, loads going on!

James & Nate's raft Skully

Theo's The Shin Digger (sponsored by Pepsi Max)

Jasmine's The Red & White Raft

Sarah's Monkey Banana 

Russ's Tinted Turbo 

Louisa's Fiddlestix 
Lydia's BOAT

Sarah and Lydia's pendants, Beatrice made a lovely pendant too but I missed photographing that one! 

Last but not least, a wand making session, phew! 

Louisa's Ash wand and her brother Russ's Oak wand is pictured above. Their Mum Nikki made one too with her ogham birth tree Alder which is a wand in progress (same name and tree as me:). Quite funny when the tree bobbed Will on the tree after snipping a branch, I asked permission from the Dryad, clearly Will didn't!!
Sarah made a Hazel wand too and Lydia a Willow. Happy magick making, remember the full blue moon tonight for magick and cleansing :-)

Wooden Pendants

As the rain was back on at Cobleland - A LOT, we made wooden pendants instead of face painting. Here are some lovely examples...

From left: Mairi, Mum and Becca's sparkly but rustic pendants


Here's Euan's brilliantly batty medallion made on the Monday - it was still raining!

Wooden Pendants

Zara's lovely pink themed pendant, helped by big brother Dylan and Nathan's more masculine medallion made today at Cobleland....

Zara's pink and glittery pendant

The lads seem to love the Viking alphabet on their medallions!

Wooden Pendants

Here are this weeks pendants made at Cobleland Campsite.

Lewis's very masculine medallion!

Excellent example of the more feminine end of the creative spectrum by Lewis's younger sister Abby.

 And another girly one by Eilidh
Elias was back for one more blast of his ever growing creative mind before he went home and came up with this alien themed medallion despite his cousin Polly arriving for a surprise visit as a major distraction :-)

Wooden Pendants

More goodies on offer means more creativity - check out these lovely pendants made this week at Cobleland Campsite.

From left: Pendants made by Kirstie, Angus, Angela, Isla and Leah.  Are you missing The Wee Bleather Tea Room Angus, Isla and Leah yet? We went today because you made us hungry! Best breakfasts in Britain :-)

Kirstie found even more gems to decorate her already delightfully coloured pendant!