Easter Games

Easter games followed the Easter Hunt, so the kids had to keep their hard boiled eggs in order to enter the races.  There were three age heats for an egg and spoon and egg rolling race, then the raw eggs came out for an 'egg chuck' competition. Entrants were playing for either a kinder egg or chocolate bunny.
We didn't really have a hill for the egg rolling but it was traditional to use either a stick or your nose to push the egg to the finish line. One young chap, already brave for wearing shorts in this chilly weather was awarded an eggstra round of applause for managing to cross the line with his progressively peeling and slippery egg!
The egg chuck game went on longer than anticipated, they just didn't want to smash! Entrants were paired up and had to throw the raw egg to each other, moving progressively further apart. Once the egg smashed you were out! After young David demonstrated a spectacular catch from a distance smashing the egg in his hand, young Madison and Mum claimed the winning prize.

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