'May' the rain stop?

Thank you to all those that braved the rain and joined us on the ranger activities this May bank holiday at Cobleland Campsite :-)  Unfortunately it was still a bit cold and wet to find lots of bats, just a couple in the distance. Thank you to Donald, our reluctant but successful bat volunteer who gobbled up 12 of the 13 moths. Congratulations Emily for taking such excellent evasive action!

Matthew and Ellie are now able to survive out in the woods after completing a bushcraft and woodland survival skills activity on Sunday.  Wood sorrel was a favourite as ever - we forgot to say that if you get athletes foot you can rub on the leaves as a natural remedy! Here's a link to my personal blog for a picture reminder.

Well done to all the excellent mini raft builders, most imaginative, but so sorry that Matthew and Emily's rafts, 'Griffin' and 'Jade' decided to go all the way to Edinburgh - clearly excellent builds and the rafts didn't want their sailing to end!
Ellie was our first winner of the season pictured here with her raft 'Daisy Jack'. Rafts 'Danyy' (inspired by a plane), 'Ryan's Raft' and 'Sophie' were all successful sailings and Tommy's 'The Boat' floated successfully - but Tommy didn't want to risk losing his boat to the wind :-)

Ellie's Winning Raft 'Daisy Jack'

Will at the finish line

Abigail's 'Sophie'

Daniel's 'Danyy' and 'Ryan's Boat'

Tommy's 'The Boat'

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