Tigh Mor Gets Completely Batty

At last, the bats have come out to play!  We had a brilliant bat walk at Tigh Mor with at least two soprano pipistrelles and one common pipistrelle swooping around our heads, also a daubenton's over the water following the curve of the loch shore.

Thanks for that excellent question, 'how fast do bats fly' - keeps us on our toes!  Well, I can only find the answer as being 'up to 31mph' but I can't find species specific answers so if anyone else can it would be brilliant if you could let us know.

In the meantime, here is an excellent link from the Bat Conservation Trust about how to help these endangered creatures in your own gardens.

Below is a closer example of the 'most excellent' Daubenton's bat like the one we saw during the walk.

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