Faerie Treasure Hunt

Thanks to all the girls that came along on a birthday faerie themed treasure hunt, it was great fun :-) Saachi, the birthday girl fancied something different for her 11th birthday so we helped her to achieve this along with her family and updated our treasure hunt at Cobleland Campsite to include tasks, clues to be deciphered, bonus treasure gifts and a final race to the treasure chest.

Pyrography named wooden necklaces

All the girls had a flashing set of faerie wings and a wooden homemade name necklace before choosing the two teams and setting off to find the first clue. They decided on Team Sprites against Team Fireflies!

On the way to Doon Hill for the next clue
The yoga pose Vrksasana, or tree pose - they were so good at this task I had to ask them to close their eyes to get a winner for best balance!

The Ultimate Aim - What's Inside??

All the girls got a wand to choose for completing all the tasks, either rowan, hazel, oak, willow, elder or ash and had lollies and jewellery prizes along the way.
Team Sprites achieved the most points and team Fireflies were first to the final clue and treasure chest.  Thank you to Chillout and The Forth Inn for taking part in the clues :-) Everyone enjoyed a lovely meal at The Forth Inn after running up an appetite - literally, Anne said "this was the most exhausting birthday party she had ever been to". It was definitely exhausting for us too trying to keep up with 8 excited 11 year olds! Great fun :-)

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