Wacky Forth Races

Despite the rain, the river was on the more gentler side of wacky so we were able to race the 9 rafts yehah!  However it did result in my wellies being filled up trying to launch and rescue the rafts after the race - I will have to get some humpty dumpty waders to match Will :-)

Defending champion Lewis was back and builds a new raft with Mark and creates another winner, this time with 'The Black Diver'. Unfortunately the diver fell off - he obviously couldn't wait to get in for a dive! 

Another Lewis, the smallest of three that morning comes an extremely close second with 'The Robin Speedboat' after adapting a previously raced raft.

 Third place is Alex's 'Captain Boat' (above left) sporting a hessian sail. 4th place was Lewis and Adams' The Bat Boat' (below) adapting a previous foam raft and red haired Hannah and Sophia's 'The Floater' pictured above right came through 7th despite being as excellent sturdy floater :-)

 Young Leia's Grape and Apple (excellent name ;-) and Abby's Oasis came through next...
 Last but not least was blonde haired Hannah's 'Butterfly', lovely design but the stone bag for stability fell off and swiftly became an anchor not far from the finish line!

A mention also to Alex's raft 'Dave' (above left) who joined in just for fun as he was a wee one, who came in about midway through the other rafts, I lost count a bit :-)

Humpty Dumpty at the finish line ;-)

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