Wacky Forth Races

Despite the drizzly rain (again) the forth river had completely lost it's 'wackiness' and so this weeks race has probably gone down in history as the slowest race ever.  Even 'Milky' one of the rafts was going the wrong way up the river!  Will' did try to pop some stones on the top which worked for a while but got stuck again in the river shoreline. Still good fun of course and thanks to the guys that joined us on this and last night's bat walk - the midges weren't great last night but it meant the bats fab' :-)

This weeks winner - 'Chelsea' Ben's raft, Death Boat with a deathly constant speed down the river, cheese and pineapple anyone?

Second Place is 'Messy' Jessy's 'Sticktastick'. Lovely design and sorry it got wet in the rain x

Third place (although not sure it actually crossed the line after going backwards so many times ;-) is 'Celtic' Ben and Adam's 'Milky'!

Humpty Dumpty tries to help 'Milky' down the river.

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