Magic Wands & Wooden Pendants

Great wands everyone!  Elder is extremely popular, maybe something to do with Voldermort! Willow, hazel and oak wands chose their new owners too and were lovingly sanded and decorated with magic symbols and trinkets.  Happy spell making and remember only good spells or they will backfire threefold!
Interestingly Lewis was determined to do something mischievous but then Will accidently snapped it while helping to fix on some ribbon!  Sorry Lewis, luckily Will fixed it so it now has character both and a lesson behind it. Remember Lewis, Ron Weasley's wand broke but still worked after it was fixed :-)

We had another craft session now that the holidays have started, this time pendants made from silver birch discs and elder beads, before decorating further. I helped some out with their designs using my pyrography set to burn into the wood too.

Megan, we found a headless angel, she must have fell off :-z If you come back we can see if we can fix her :-)

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