Wacky Forth Races

It was a hot one this weekend :-) Thanks to everyone that joined us at Cobleland this weekend.  We introduced a new face painting activity and there were 11 new magic makers going off with their new wands that they made. Lovely pendants on Monday too by Zoe, Miya and Charlie - forgot to take a snap - snort, sorry!
We managed a 'Wacky Forth Race' despite the water being low - there were 11 rafts and 17 raft makers this weekend.  Actually there were 11 painted faces this weekend too, there is an 11 theme developing!

From left; Jamie and Callum's 'Turbo Tastic, Gordon and Cameron's 'The Gondola', Josh, Thomas and Grace's 'The Devil'

From left again: Danni's 'Small Boat', Charlie's 'HMS Bottle', Zoe and Miya's 'My Perfect Boat'

From left: Isla and Cristina's ' IC Ferry', Chloe's 'The Pirates Buckaneer and Jessica's 'Emily'

 From Left; Ben's 'BBGG' and Amelie's 'Spring Cream'
The final line-up ready for the off!

A bit of a traumatic finish in that the two race leaders got stuck in the trees - sorry Charlie and Chloe :-( Therefore first to cross was Jessica's 'Emily', followed by Jamie and Callum's 'Turbo Tastic', then Amelie's 'Spring Cream'. 4th place was Gordon sna Cameron's 'The Gondola', 5th Ben's 'BBGG', 6th Zoe and Miya's 'My Perfect Boat', 7th Danni's 'Small Boat', 8th Isla and Cristina's 'IC Ferry' and 9th was 'The Devil' made by Josh, Thomas and Grace.

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