Wacky Forth Races

OK, so this lovely weather is just fabulous.  Only downside is that the river has lost it's wack, it was probably the slowest race ever, even Will had to help the rafts down the river but the kids kept it as exciting as ever!

From left; Congratulation to 'CDC' winners behind the design were Charlie, Cristina & Daniella, Freya's 'Nikki' (good name) came in at 3rd place.

Archie & Libby's 'Poppy' crossed the line in 5th place despite their cunning plan to 'pop' the other bottles with cocktail sticks - cunning :-) 'The Rainbow' came in 3rd place by Cerys with our first ever crows nest on the top of the mast!

Cameron was back again this week with 'Water' and despite taking on heaps of 'water' on the luxury fluffy carpet it crossed the line in 2nd place! Jack's impressively designed 'The Mousey Rocket' finished in 6th place.

Last but not least was 'Taps' lovingly designed by Sorcha, Iona and Sophie - it got stuck on a rock as the water was so low ;-( everyone got prizes this week though as they needed a helping hand along the river :-)

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