Forest Hills Arts & Rafts

Our first craft session at the lovely Forest Hills resort on Loch Ard went really well and the kids made wands and mini rafts next to the pond. Thanks to everyone that joined in!
From left; Mia's lacey Willow wand, Sam's Holly and Tamzin's Ash wand.

Talking of ash, don't forget to put the leaves of ash under your pillow for psychic dreams to help you see into the future!

 I forgot to say that holly leaves under your pillow can help those who's hearts need healing (or make men irresistible to women if carried along with a berry ;-) and you can make a wish with a willow tree - ask permission from the tree, snap off a bendy shoot and make a wish as you tie the knot. Look after it and when your wish comes true take it back to a willow tree with a gift, untie the knot and say thank you :-)

Beth's lovely red sailed raft was named 'Star' and Finlay's Titanic stayed afloat excellently, although there were no icebergs, just dunking ducks :-)

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