Magickal Wands & Sylphs

Lovely day Saturday before the rain came at tea time, but it thankfully wasn't too bad for the bat walk.  In fact we had loads of hungry bats during the walk, loads of toads and one lady even saw an otter after nearly being pulled into the water by her dog!  I'm a tad jealous after five years in the area without seeing one, but it will make it all the more special when I do :-)

Jamie's Elder wand, Michael's Hazel and Angus's Willow - who jetted off for a magickal battle with Nicholas and Oliver in the forest.

Leah's Elder wand, Holly's Holly (of course) and Isla's Silver Birch - excellent effort seen as our second glue gun in two weeks burnt out just before the end! We will have to give up on the rechargeable battery versions :-(

Getting a bit more face painting practise in on my arm with some magickal Theban script writing. This is a sylph or air elemental/faery, it was a shame to wash her off at the end of the day!  The kids chose a Frankenstein face and various cheeky chaps for their cheeks from killer whales and dolphins to racing cars and spiders. Isla opted for the sylph tatoo as well :-) I will try and get a bit more speedy though!

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