Wacky Forth Races

The sun had his hat on at last and the river was a tad lower so good to race on.  I had to get in over my wellies though, up to my thighs in fact but I do it for the kids :-)

Libby's The River Boat, she had to shoot off to watch the sheepdog show so couldn't race but nice raft :-)

From bottom to top; The winning raft by Ellis - The Bulldog Boat (previously named Alfie but a hefty strong winner). Logan, Hannah and Jack's The Cookie Monster came 3rd, Elias's Cabin Boat wasn't raced in case it jumped the finish line for a trip to Edinburgh!

From left: Sylvie's Flone-Higher-Sylvie didn't race, neither Sam's Best of Boat and Gaby's 'Gaby' came in last but not least in 5th place.
From left: Rosie & Charlie's 'Emma' (name of the twins favourite doll) didn't race, Jenna's 'Jenna' came 2nd and 4th place was Jack's The Jack Boat. Well done everyone :-)

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