Face Painting

Faeries and butterflies seemed the most popular painted faces this week at Cobleland, (with dolphin cheeks being the most popular overall this season so far).  Then, Craig came in just before closing and mixed it all up and went for a bespoke bat face.  Craig managed to keep his bat face on all day without even a smudge - very impressive, so that we could use him as a bat diagram for the bat walk that night :-)

Craig's Bat Face

Oaken Faery
Less of a queue this week so it meant I could mess about painting an oaken wood faery on my arm. I'm looking forward to seeing all the fly agaric toadstools around on the campsite which will be out soon. Those who have joined us on our evening walks over the years will know all about this toadstool involving not just faeries but the Vikings too and even the big man himself - Father Chrsitmas! Autumn is already on its way here as the hawthorn and rowan berries are beginning to ripen and I have seen a few boletus mushrooms too if any of you are into your wild foods!

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