Wacky Forth Races

While I was away face painting at The Lodge, Will was left all on his own to run the mini rafts and race this week - I hear it was wild and wacky :-) Apologies that the names are in the wrong order to the pictures but I hear Will did manage to get the winning order right and ensured no rafts floated off to Edinburgh :-)
From Bottom to Top: I think? - Apple Juice, the Gold one is Super Swimmy 300, the green fruit shoot one is Rocket Booster, Purple Fanta must be the Fanta bottle, the other four inbetween then are either White Chocolate, Fire Plane, GOAT Blower and Gumball Ship 

Winning Order:
1st - Super Swimmy 300 by Jamie & George
2nd - Gumball Ship by James
3rd - Apple Juice by Gregor
4th - Purple Fanta by Rosie
5th - GOAT Blower by Jack
6th - Fire Plane by Robbie
7th - White Chocolate by Rachael, Abbie & Calum
8th - Rocket Booster by George (GOA ;)

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