Bats, Owls and Spooky Tales

Bat walks are still going well, despite the wind this weekend.  It's the third time out with our new bat prop below, great fun!  Here is Gaby and Sam's Dad Chris demonstrating how to use echo location

Here is Gaby and Sam's Dad being a sport and wearing the new bat wings and batfink mask :-)

Chris, just about to demonstrate how to use echo location by gobbling up his daughter Gaby the moth. The blind fold is to give you an idea of how bats hunt in the dark as bats can actually see as well as we can! Blind as a bat, no?

"If you go down to the woods at night you might find a warty toad!"

Hearing the bats on the bat detectors, trickier to see them in action.

Mmmm, marshmallows and magical tales before listening out for the local tawny owls. Don't forget, turn your pockets inside out on Hallowe'en to protect your souls from the owls! Love the wise owls really :-)

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