Crane Fly Season

Crane flies are everywhere! I am pleased to say that I have conquered my fear of them - in fact I often find myself saving as many as I can from the campsite facility block and our tent (unless they are too high to reach).  Some have been getting caught in the tent mesh at the top and they fall prey to the birds which sneak under the tent flap to feed on them!  They are quite tickly and cute once you get to know them and I am probably saving as many as I can due to childhood guilt!  Come the evenings during September, my sister and I would dry up the dishes and use our t-towels to try and whip them away - we were scared silly of them! 
One thing at time though, I'm not quite ready to face pipe cleaner spiders without a paper towel in between me and thee and I'm definitely not ready to face my snakey fear just yet - that I must have inherited from my Mum, but maybe some kundalini yoga might help with that?

We may of course know crane flies as Daddylonglegs, but looking at Wikipedia they are also known as mosquito eater (or skeeter eater), gallinipper, and gollywhopper - excellent :-)
Taken from good old Wiki.........
"Despite their common names, as adults, crane flies do not prey on mosquitoes, nor do they bite humans. Some larval crane flies are predatory and may occasionally eat mosquito larvae. Adult crane flies feed on nectar or they do not feed at all. Once they become adults, most crane fly species exist as adults only to mate and die".

Well as least I am helping to provide a cosy mating location before they peg it!

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