Bats, Owls & Spooky Tales at Cobleland

An amazing day was finished off with a bat walk to remember with this lovely gigantic crowd.  Special thanks to Scott who reluctantly stepped in to be our big scary bat Dad!

Getting ready to play 'bat and moth' to show how bats use their echo location to find their dinner, (despite not actually being as 'blind as a bat')!

Scott the bat at rest before the hunt!

"The outside ring are trees, you kids are moths and you have to echo back 'moth' everytime Scott shouts out 'bat', when he catches you for dinner your out"!

Scott effectively evolving and using his hands for wings. The Marilyn Monroe eye mask was to make sure Scott used his echo location rather then his eyes, although bats can see it's hard to find the midges and moths in the dark.
But Scott, is that horse poop you are about to step into!!??

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