Wacky Forth Races

A brilliant weekend topped off with a very wacky race at Cobleland campsite in that all the rafts huddled together making it an extremely close finish!

Thanks to everyone who joined in with our activities :-)

From left: Aiden and Ben's Speedo came in 6th, Johnny and Kieran's Bertie was the sneaky winner!

Alix's Bruce came in 7th

Logan's River Raptor came 2nd and Brandon's Speedy Gonzalez came 3rd. 

 Mhiri's Mhiri 2013 was 5th and Georgette's 'Georgette' was 4th.

 The line up ready for racing!

 After getting myself soaked again - this time the water going over my willies, the race, or rather the huddle was on....

.....Only to later open out right before the finishing line with Johnny and Kieran's Speedo sneaking from around the back to take first place! Well done everyone, everyone gets a prize and a lolly from the treasure chest :-)

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