Tigh Mor Rafts & Crafts

Four rafts and a magick wand this week at Tigh Mor....

The adorable Anna made this (probably most ever decorated) Hazel wand. Amongst the gems and ribbons you can see that Anna used magickal Theban script writing and a Celtic Ogham alphabet symbol for Hazel which will help enhance her already creative skills even more! Her wand is also infused with the magic from the water faeries or Kelpies, love it :-)

Here's Kate's fabulous T1 

Kate's brother Fraser designed this brilliant raft, calling it 'Stringy' - of course! 

Anna's older brother's Jamie and Rob designed J.M Rocket and The Grassinator, I'm sure you can tell which is which! Both looked great on Loch Achray. 



Nikki and Will…… thanks for all your magical activities this week. Anna loves her magic wand..very special… and boys cant wait to get rafts home on the Forth!!! Highly recommended for anyone visiting Tigh Mor. The bats walk tonight was great too..despite the rain. Thanks for memorable holiday.

Nikki Skittlethorpe

Thanks Fiona, we’re glad you had a lovely holiday and it was lovely to meet you and your lovely family. Happy sailing and magic making :-) x

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