Forestry Commission 'Light Up the Forest'

What a brilliantly cold, crisp night! Perfect for the Forestry Commission's first 'Light Up the Forest's event in Aberfoyle. I was lucky enough to be invited to help out and offer face painting for the little ones and I managed 15 faces and four tattoos type paintings so hopefully I am getting faster and still maintaining the quality :-).

The kids went mainly for foxes and wildcats, a wolf, an alien with a third eye, a pink cat, a skull that had been shot in the head, and two Darth Maul's! I hadn't done that one before, so Will came to the rescue with the phone - also with crowd control!

We just about had time to nip around to see the illuminated waterfall, gorgeous!

Autumnal tree - can you spot the hare?

Waterfall of the Little Fawn, Aberfoyle.

Spooky mirror people in the deep, deep dark woods.... 

Colour changing tree sculpture.

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