The New Nix in Nature Van

Here is a sneaky look at Nix in Nature's new accommodation.  This was an old leaky smokers caravan, so out with the old, in with the new.  However, staying true to our environmental policy, most of the materials needed were upcylced and re-used, only needing some lino, a bit of hardboard to replace the rotten wood, some pva and wallpaper paste for the book page wallpaper and quite a bit of mastic to fix the leaks!



 Back left
 Front right
Front left
The walls took about 5 old books, the chairs have been covered with some rugs from the bell tent, the wood left over from an unwanted tent awning floor and benches that were being chucked out after renovations became the shelves.  Just the electric leads to sort, oh and eventually the outside painted as it is plastered in mastic after a couple of pesky leaks that were hard to find.  I'm really surprised how our stuff has all gone in (luckily my clothes will go in the van - 3 crate/boxes isn't bad for a girl eh :-)?
Feels really good to have done everything so cheaply and re-used things were possible, stepping off the property ladder and getting out of the 'ought to do' job trap is very liberating and I'm really grateful to be able to see views like this everyday :-).

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