Cobleland Activities

The weekend kicked off with lots of chocolate and nature loving campers doing this week's Chocolate Quest.  This group meant business, they found most of the chocolate tags hidden in Teapot Wood despite the tree leaves doing there best to hide them.  They were also brilliant at answering questions about this week's questions about bats which meant not doing many forfeits before earning themselves a nice big bar of chocolate. Actually the kids made all the adults do a forfeit instead!

Afterwhich, little Cody wanted a fierce lion painting on his face so that he could hide in Teapot Lodge and make people jump, then after lunch it was Bushcraft & Survival time.  


Wands this week were made by Tomas, Olwen, Gabriel and Neil, all choosin Hazel. Here's a picture of Neils, the pink one is for his Harry Potter loving Auntie :-). Some of the kids added totem animals to their wands for extra magic, Tomas's was a hawk, Olwen's a hare and Neil's a Buffalo.

Young Kenton was still going strong as he was keen to join us on the Dusk Walk in search of the Green Man and some bats. Just as he was starting to flag and get tired, the bats made an appearance. 10:30pm was still a bit early for owls at the moment though, but the sunset was lovely through the trees.

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