Wacky Forth Races

This week was back to normal as the rain held off.  It was lovely and warm but not quite as warm as England!  No less than 18 entrants this week and 16 rafts braving the wacky Forth rapids!

From bottom:

Finn - The Mover (3rd)

Grace - Steve

Fergus - Rasberry

Rosie - SS Smiley

Robbie - The Coke Float

Andrew - The Milky White Pearl (joint 1st)

Iona/Harris/Adam - Flamer & Fire

Hattie - Pink Ribbon

Neil - The Raft 3000

Max - Max

Tomas - Nova (joint 1st)

Olwen - Husky Pup

Gabriel - The Best Raft in the Country (last place ironically :-()

Katie/Jack - Jolly Roger

Katie/Annie - Rafty


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