Cobleland Activities

Nine chocolate-hungry little ones to start the day hunting for tickets in teapot wood.  This weeks theme was deer, so once a ticket was found the kids had to answer a question about deer.  If they got it wrong they had to do a forfeit! I'm not sure how me and Mia's Mum ended up doing the press-ups though?

Face Painting

This week there were a couple of ice queens, some butterflies, a tiger, a fox, Spiderman and his spider and this water dragon and water kelpie modelled by Zoe.

Magick Wands

Everyone who were making their own wands this week went for Hazel. Julia decorated hers in a lovely bright pink and went off with lots of healing spells for arthritis.  Below is a picture of regular camper Daisy's wand, also her friend Jenna's wand.  Daniel bought a powerful Oak wand, Liam a protective Rowan and his sister a creative Hazel wand.

Dusk Walk

Not surprisingly it didn't get dark being the Summer Solstice, but we had a lovely walk through the woods with young Daniel and his Dad.  We shared lots of bushcraft tips along the way, tried to see faeries over Doon Hill (as it is said to be easier to see them with our physical eyes on this night), before saying hello again to the bats. It was too light for the water bats/Daubenton's but there were lots of Soprano pipistrelles scoffing all the midges :-).

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