Magick Wands at Cobleland

29 June 2014

Magick Wands at Cobleland

Lovely magickal session in the Ranger's Tent, hiding away from all the midges. In addition to these wands, Amy made a lovely pink Rowan wand and Molly a Hazel.


Euan's magickal Hawthorn wand complete with a moose as a power animal.

Lokhlan's Hazel wand with 'Parcel Tongue' burnt into the wand. Lokhlan made a lovely holder for his wand too, although he lost it temporarily whilst finishing off his raft for the race.  Not to worry though, I did a spell to find it and back it came :-)

Lokhlan's Mum, Louise made this lovely coloured Rowan wand, a great wand for protection in addition to the protecting symbol of the pentagram too.  Wishing you happy coincidences to ensue :-)

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