Wacky Forth Races

There hasn't been much rain this last couple of weeks, which is nice of course, but this meant for a long tranquil race down the river this week.

From bottom to top;

Jake - Jake (3rd place)

Owen - The Cobleland Craft (4th place)

Maeve - The Bitter Lemon (2nd place)

Eilis - The Waterfall (cruising down enjoying the sunshine in last place)

Cameron/Adam - Sweet Chilli Sauce

Amy - Boat of Blue River

Darah - Fairy Magic

Jasmine - Barbie

Ivan/Lockhlan - The Skeleton Crew (2nd last)

Euan - St Magnus

Elsa - Dash (1st place)

Erin - Anteeto

Eilidh - Gorgeous

Luke/Nye/Matthew/Laim - The Boat of Doom

Patiently waiting for first place.  Well done Elsa with her raft Dash (whose raft was pushed into first place by Maeve's, Bitter Lemon!) who choose a mini snooker table game as her prize. Everyone gets a lolly though :-).

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