Forest Hills Activities

Lovely sunny start to the day, you can't complain about our commute to work driving along Loch Ard!!  Three lovely spell makers joined us for Magick Wands, they all chose the creative Hazel tree for them.  Sam added the magickal powers of the bat, we like bats :-).  Isla and Mia seemed to like the spell where you sprinkle cinnamon in your shoes before a party to take you to where the fun is at!  They appear to like their parties as they were up until 11:55pm last night (just before pumpkin time) dancing away at a local ceilidh :-).  

From left: Sam, Mia & Isla's wands

Face painting was fun, as always, Henry chose a desert island theme, younger brother Jamie a vampire!

All the kids joined us for the Bushcraft session in the afternoon, along with Mum's and a Nan, if a little apprehensive, but they all enjoyed it especially the wood sorrel.  Mixed reviews on the Douglas Fir tea though!  We saw the poisonous toadstool, panther cap and possibly a young Sickner, both ones to avoid eating!!  Henry and Isla's Mum successfully started the fires today.

Bat walk later tonight, sooo late starting at 10:30pm, but there are plently of midges for them to eat so we should hopefully see the bats doing what they do best.


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