Another Wacky Forth Race

01 July 2014

Another Wacky Forth Race

By popular demand we launched another few rafts for another race today, although the river was even slower than Sunday.  It meant for a lovely tranquil scenic float down the river for the rafts. Not a bad way to celebrate the first day of July!

From left:

Katie/Kieran - Rafty (6th Place)

Connor/Alex - Sparkly Princess (1st Place)

Amy - The Boat of Doom (Joint 7th)

Darah - Daisy Chain Blood (Joint 7th)

Katie - Rafty Raft (Joint 7th)

Annie - Quennie Queen (4th Place)

Tia - Mia (2nd Place)

Steele - Party Boat (5th Place)

Gary/Scott - HMS Sinkable (3rd Place) 



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