Cobleland Activities


Chocolate Quest

This week's Chocolate Quest theme was trees.  Young Ross was excited to find a Leprechaun house in Teapot Wood, although he said when he did find a leprechaun he would steal its gold and not share it with anyone!
The team were quite good on the questions, Adam got this one right:
What is the name of the nature spirit who resides in a tree?
A. Dryad
B. Druid...
C. Droid
I think the trees enjoyed it this week as the Willow by the playpark got 3 hugs as forfeits :-).


Artwork - Fatalis Sacristia

Face Painting

Ross's twin Todd designed an impressive geometric shape for his face, I couldn't resist the glitter to make it more magical and mystical.


Ross and Todd's family joined us for the Bushcraft session, Janey and Adam were excellent fire starters and we all loved the delicious bilberries, mmmmm.

Magick Wands



Wands from left: Jordan's Hazel, Moira's Hazel, Chantelle's Hawthorn and Will's Hazel.

Dusk Walk

We escaped the midges on the site to explore the magic of the forest at dusk.  Jordan taught us yet another use for rush-lite, using it like a needle and thread, amazing stuff! The bats made a welcome appearance at about 10:30pm, but it still wasn't quite dark enough for the water bats.



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